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Desc:I screwed up. This isn't Mach 1. More like Mach 3..
Category:Classic Movies, Science & Technology
Tags:speed, Mach, Chuck Yeager, Beemans, The Right Stuff
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Syd Midnight
Oh, this has to be a dupe. This HAS to be a dupe. Maybe bad tags? Why doesn';t it show up on search? How can we not be worshiping this man? Had to be tough hitting Mach 1 with his huge brass balls etc etc yadda yadda.
Syd Midnight
Link has already been submutted".. but WHERE IS IT?

Chuck Yeager breaks Mach 2.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyhJAeqON3I

S'no big thang.. the best was yet to come. Taking the X-15 into space.. now that was some shit.

Syd Midnight
Was just watching an interview with Yeager, about Mach 1. . "Well that was mah job. Ya did what they told ya to do. Whether you could or not, that didn't enter into it."

Syd Midnight
"Y'know, you and I are different. I was flyin', you weren't."

Syd Midnight
"The Sound barrier was jus' another progrom. Hell I was workin' on 10 test progoms when I was flyin' the X-1."

I highly recommend reading his autobiography, in comparison breaking the sound barrier is one of the most balse things he has accomplished

You know the Messerschmidt ME262, the world's first turobojet fighter plane? Well Chuck was the first to shoot the one down, and he did it in a P51

Syd Midnight
Fuck. Tho I do remember an interview from long ago when he was shilling his awesome flight simulator.. they asked him what the best fighter was.. "You take a good plane, you take a good pilot.. then always bet on the good pilot." He'd probably still be scoring kills in a P-51 if they'd let him.

He shot down a jet in a P-51? Fuuuck.

Syd Midnight
Oh man, this isn't Mach One.. I done fucked up. I blame PoeTV, because I swear I submitted this all months ago.. but hell it's Chuck Yeager so there ya go.

j lzrd / swift idiot
I agree with this sentiment, and I enjoy this clip.

So here's your five for bringing us some Chucky Y.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
His autobiography, Yeager, is a great read if you haven't checked it out already.

What's sad is that he got hitched to a gold digger and is now embroiled in a legal battle with his children over his pension fund - a fund they're trying to protect from said gold digger.

Was this a straightaway speed test or an aerial dogfight? Chuck deserves better editing than this.
He once held an opponent's wife's hand in a jar of acid. At a party.
"Its a great day for flying!"
Thatcher Pennywhistle
There was a demon that lived in the air, and they said whoever challenged him would die.
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