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Desc:A Chthulhu[sic] filk
Category:Crime, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:filk, Cthulhu, The Plain White Tees, Eben Brooks, Allison Lonsdale
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Comment count is 14
Adham Nu'man
So, so sad.
Industrial strength 'nerd' panty remover.
Cap'n Profan!ty
He mispronounces pretty much every word in the book.
I bet so did lovecraft half the time, christ.

God that's awful...

Anyways, I seem to remember reading in one of Lovecrafts letters that the language of the old ones is unpronounceable to human vocal chords and that the spellings are close approximations.

It wasn't 'Darkest of the Hillside thickets', but I give it two squamous, rugose tentacles up!

It's the same two filkers from the lolcat video I submitted, except the unfunny ham-beast isn't singing and it's only the gangly guy. Also the song isn't nearly as bad as the other one.

Still, five stars for awful.
Rodents of Unusual Size
The Cthulhu musical it isn't.
No, it's not, but it's better than that original song which I heard everytime I'd get in my car for about a week, so for that 5 stars.

The Great Old Ones will spare no-one, nevermind this pale, pasty, long-haired nerd.

Also: Awesome.
Was going to be three stars for the concept, but it gets a fourth star for "chthulhu calay".
am i to understand that this is filk

about cthulu

is that seriously what someone decided to make
Pie Boy
you don't understand! none of you

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