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Desc:BBC said you are never supposed to laugh at his standup ever.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:beastiality, BBC Offensive Jokes, Rouse
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Comment count is 19
Evil. And really funny.

But all five stars are for how he left the stage at the end of the set. Giggle inducing.
Mike Tyson?!
I really lost interest in this quick because I am way more of an asshole in real life, this is like my b-roll of terrible things I say.
Oh man you should be on TV! I bet my grandpa would probably like pop his monocle if you used your A-material.

Jesus you fucking queef. You make this guy seem like a goddamned genius.

"Some stole all my wood!" LOL!
... must you?

Rodents of Unusual Size
LOLing is discouraged. Please check in all LOL's at the door.

I see him as a weird cross between the unfunny dreariness of Dane Cook with the "IN YOUR FACE IM SO DANGEROUS AND EXTREME" stylings of Carlos Mencia. 3 stars for evil quotient.

He's still somehow quite likeable.

Jimmy Labatt
I was about to one-star his ass because I thought he was going to rip off Norm MacDonald's "dad caught me smoking" thing, but then HOLY SHIT POPPA COCK
It's like if Andrew Dice Clay were Canadian and funny.
Giggle inducing, but -1 because it's more of "it's offensive, therefore it's funny" than overall comedy, and it got stale kinda quick.
Wow, you guys have low standards
Agreed. This is mostly boring. Not shocking, not clever, and not even original.

didn't laugh once. couldn't even get halfway through.

But don't you find him edgy? The Canadian news joke with the Southern accent blew my mind. What an opening!

Hi guys, I'm just going to hang out with you in this thread

Testicles of Doom
Not that funny, ironic or otherwise.

I giggled like a schoolgirl.
So fuck off.

+1 for "there were no cigars"
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