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Desc:Intercut with news reporting on the more egregarious mishandling.
Category:Military, News & Politics
Tags:Iraq, halliburton, KBR, no-bid contracting
Submitted:The Faghorn
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Comment count is 13
See you in Dubai! =)
good thing everyone responsible got punished and this will never happen again!
asian hick
Aren't conservatives the ones with the hard-on for accountability? Or is that just with non-military spending?
That's just when they aren't getting a cut.

Charging 0 for a load of laundry, and still doing a crappy job of it.

Making troops wait upwards of an hour to get fed, because it's cheaper than switching to a round-the-clock schedule at the mess hall.

Moldy tents that cause respiratory illness.

Buying new vehicles every few thousand miles instead of changing the oil, because the government is paying for it anyway.

Burning a brand-new ,000 truck, just so you can bill the government for the loss (and make a tidy profit for doing so).
and like the soldier girl said, burning the truck right in front of the iraqis.
but hey, Cheney is happy!

So why don't they spend top dollar on the things for troops if they get paid more when they spend more? Is malice? Do they really just get off on fucking over the soldiers?
i don't think KBR outfits the troops with tents, beds, trucks and guns. that's the actual military that does that. and of course, the army doesn't have a nice, Cost+ budget like KBR does.

Absolutely rediculous. How is it that under the control of so-called 'conservatives', the government has become more bloated and wasteful than ever? Oh, wait, it's corporations wasting taxpayer dollars so it's okay.
Why do you fucking LIEberal hippies and faggots hate America, American democracy, the economy, and the holy, blessed, free market!

Okay, there, I'm done cosplaying as Billy Buttsex. Now he and Enjoy don't have to comment.
More ass-raping of the world by the conservative rich. What a surprise.
Enjoy? Enjoy?

Billy Buttsex?

Where are your smarmy little quips?

When are you going to tell us that the soldiers should just suck it up?
You know the neo-con drill by now, don't you?

"Those guys don't represent the majority of soldiers."

Neo-cons love speaking for the troops, especially when the troops say something different.

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