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Desc:The captain runs afoul of a Talking Pet
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Star control 2, dnyarri, talking pet, umgah
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Babies Ate My Dingo
This was a fantastic game. If it had been free of time limit, it would have been even better.
That's pretty much the only gripe I have with this game. I want to be free to wander the cosmos for all eternity without the threat of eventual annihilation by the Kor-Ah.

Much love for SC

I loved this game. Not a fan of the 3DO version voice acting though.
PvP was great too, at least in the Sega version. (Did anyone ever play this? There was even a campaign.)
YES! And it was fucking AWESOME. I built nothing but the Yehat dudes and the... uh... the little teleporting dudes. Kickass! KICKASS!

One of my favorite pieces of dialogue is when the station commander tells you that Earth's finest xenopsychologists have rated the Talking Pet as "Furtive/Hateful" on the personality scale.
Caminante Nocturno
In its defense, if I could tell people to go get themselves killed and have them actually do so, I wouldn't be able to stop.
Tuan Jim
If you don't have some alien device on your ship to protect you, after he tells you to get yourself killed, the screen goes black and comes back three weeks later and you have extensive damage to your ship or something.

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