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Desc:Serial killer the day before her execution. The eyes say it all.
Tags:Insane, Aileen Wuornos, The eyes say it all, day before her execution
Submitted:Jimmy The Headless Frog Boy
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Comment count is 28
The expressions on Fat Moustache are great.

-1 for annoying audio synch issues.

Also, the eyes don't need to say anything, because the shit coming out of her mouth is first class crazy.

Sonic pressure!
"Oh shit, she figured out about the mirror!"

fat moustache guy:
http://i.buttes.org/http://bp1.blogger.com/_qPu0VCZ1J0E/Rj-YYR hnJHI/AAAAAAAAARg/gaEohCE5gRo/s400/62260.jpg

Well wasn't she an interesting person
And she was only 46. The years were not kind. Also, from wikipedia:
Florida governor Jeb Bush instructed three psychiatrists to give Wuornos a 15-minute interview. All three judged her mentally fit to be executed. The test for competency requires the psychiatrist(s) be convinced that the condemned person both understands that he or she will die, and also understands for which crimes he or she is being executed.

Granted, she asked to be executed, BUT, wikipedia goes on as to her behavior prior to the execution:

During the final stages of the appeal process she gave a series of interviews to Broomfield. In her final interview shortly before her execution she claimed that her mind was being controlled by "sonic pressure" to make her appear crazy and described her impending death to being taken away by angels on a space ship.[5] When Broomfield attempted to get her to speak about her earlier claims to have killed her victims in self-defense, Wuornos became livid, cursed Broomfield, and terminated the interview. Broomfield later met Dawn Botkins, a childhood friend of Wuornos', who told him, "She's sorry, Nick. She didn't give you the finger. She gave the media the finger, and then the attorneys the finger. And she knew if she said much more, it could make a difference on her execution tomorrow, so she just decided not to."

Wikipedia also mentioned in the footnotes she murdered six people.

She's batshit insane, *and* she understands that she's going to be executed and why.

*Shrug* I'm fine with it.


Not many mass murderers make me feel sympathy but she has always had that effect on me. Poor woman.

Clearly, she had every intention of getting executed. She was also obviously suffering from psychosis and borderline personality disorder in the extreme. She also obviously murdered six people. Jeb Bush also clearly used her execution as a political stunt.

I'm not taking a position one way or the other, believe it or not, I'm just saying there's a lot of sadness to go around.

Her diction reminds me of a female version of Ted Nugent.
I can't believe someone else thought the same exact thing.

now that's a winning smile
thank god we got penitentiaries
Herr Matthias
Wow, this just starts out meh and then gets better and better. "You're just gonna get your asses nuked in the end!"
Caminante Nocturno
Her face is half-human, half-shark.
Half shark-alligator, half man?

I've never seen anyone eye's open that wide for that long. From 5:10 on, she looks like the villain from Roger Rabbit.
Note to self : Do not view serial killer interviews at 2am.
Corman's Inferno
The plan worked! I will make both a book and a movie!
Jeff Fries
Well that was educational. I know it was crazy talk but I was on her side by the end. The angrier she got the more she looked like Bilbo seeing the ring again.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yes, she couldn't possibly be crazy! 5 stars for "now I know what Jesus was goin' through."
I wonder how the six people she killed handled their interviews before they died.
Her eyes look totally black. I can't help picturing a shark's white membrane rolling over them when she killed her victims.
This is a sad affair, but I admire this woman's courage. So, how do you feel about being executed tomorrow? "I think its going to be more like Star Trek beaming me up into a space vehicle."

j lzrd / swift idiot
The cops let her kill the rest of them, after she left her fingerprints all over the scene where the first victim "died" (Read: Pre-meditated homicide)? She was sloppy, right?

She wasn't a professional serial killer, murderer, whatever you want to call it.

This is what happens when over-the-borderline sociopaths with more than the problem of a complete lack of empathy commit the crime and do the time. The time, in this case, being 9 Oct, 2002 (1984).

Watch out for those two-way mirrors and televisions.

Here's to you, crazy bitch. I hope you're colonizing other planets.
Charlize Theron's performance in MONSTER was spot-on.

A case can be made that the first killing was in self-defense, but Wournos sure seemed to (at the very least) put herself in a position wherein she "needed" to kill in self-defense after that.
http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/notorious_murders/women/wuornos /1.html

I tend to believe the whole "precipitating factor" theory wherein she killed for two reasons: out of desperation in order to steal money to keep her lover around, and out of anger built up over her pretty horrible existence to that point. But she put herself in the position to murder in that fashion, whether consciously or not.

It's sad that the very thing she wanted to prevent became a movie.

With Charlize Theron, an infamous elitist bitch.

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