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Desc:Graham the cartoon vlogger has some theological questions for a Christian radio talk show.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:Jesus, cartoon, vlogger, graham, somegreybloke
Submitted:Ms. Vonscarlet
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Comment count is 17
The Great Hippo
The sacrifice thing always bothered me as a kid. "Uh, wait, he sacrificed his life... to go to Heaven? I don't think you know what the word 'sacrifice' means."

As for the pain thing, he'd have been fine just pointing out that there are plenty of people who have suffered far worse--and we don't worship them.
Oh man this blew my mind did you guys know that organized religions are, GET THIS SHIT, not internally consistent HOLY CRAP. There's blood coming out of my nose and ears.
The Great Hippo
This has absolutely nothing to do with inconsistency; it's a silly and flawed part of an otherwise interesting, engaging, and even persuasive mythology. Jesus' sacrifice is completely meaningless if all he did was go see dad and hang out in the mansion for a weekend.

Yes, because any time anyone makes observations and criticisms of a religion, it is, no matter what, ALWAYS "LOL XIANS"

No, not any time. But this time definitely is.

Hippo, please try to be more vacuous and incoherent. We'd like to hear more about how Christianity makes you feel.

The Great Hippo
Let me put it in your language, Fatuous: Imagine that your best friend Chad shoves you out of the way of a car just in time to get splattered himself. Weeping manly tears of sorrow, you vow to dedicate your life to his sacrifice. Ten years down the road, having disavowed all property and clad yourself in the raiments of a wayward monk, you happen upon him in the street as he's getting into his new ferrari. Turns out he was totally okay and spent the weekend afterwards at his dad's kegger.

Do you see the problem, now? Or do you need me to scribble this down on an etch-a-sketch for you?

No, I really think you need to devote at least another 30 minutes to typing in a 3000 word treatise on the subject. Also, if you can scribble it down on an etch-a-sketch and then take pictures and post them on YouTube, we can maybe get it added to the hopper. I would recommend an inter-picture delay of at least 30 seconds because some of your viewers may be having issues with earmites that day.

Also, "3dgy".

Didn't he spend three days in hell before the Resurrection? I'm not a Christian, but I think I read that on the CAPalert website once.

The "harrowing of hell".There are a lot of christians who believe that, after he died for the sins of the world, Jesus descended to hell and proceeded to beat the shit out of Satan and then release all the Good People who'd had the misfortune of living and dying prior to his being born. These people, you see, had been unable to(in the interpretation of people who believe this story) find salvation, since Jesus hadn't come to earth yet, and therefore had not yet died for their sins, meaning that these unfortunate souls had nowhere else to go after death BUT hell... and yes, it's fucked up.

At least that's how it was explained to me.

Ms. Vonscarlet
I used to ask the same questions as a kid when I went to catechism/Sunday school, and I also ended up getting the same answers. Nothing new or shocking- just funny.
Ms. Vonscarlet
Oh, and +1 for the anime nun girl in the background.
Well I liked it. I'm not a Christian and never really got that whole "died for your sins" thing. And the holy-trinity father/son/booberry thing never made any sense either. Also, instead of dying, why didn't Jesus just enter IDDQD? LOL XIANS. amirite?
Jeff Fries
But sir I'm just a simple cartoon bloke who wants to know.
I'm always one for brit humor, and I do so enjoy poking fun at christians, but I did not even chuckle once at this. I'm sorry for one starring it but I sat through this and felt nothing but bored.
I was disappointed to find it was not a real call-in show some guy had pranked, recorded, and animated.
Someone sat down and wrote a script that is kinda cliche and mundane.
ha ha Christology is complex!
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