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Desc:strangely prophetic
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:war, Road Warrior, mel gibson, gasoline, wasteland
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Thatcher Pennywhistle
refinin it they are kachunk kachunk
War. War never changes.
Mad Max 4 needs power suits.

...er... power armor

Raoul Duke 138
No, power suits.
Dark, five-button jackets with crisp shirts and bright red ties.


I remember feeling ripped off when I first watched this on DVD.. I had only seen parts of it when I was too young up until that point.

-mono soundtrack that was recorded low, so I had to turn my stereo up.
-poor film quality
-4:3 aspect

I was all "What the fuck is this pos!"

Then... yeah
One of the greatest film openings ever. Hands down.

Ahhh, Road Warrior. I only hope the nuclear aftermath of the apocalypse is as fun as it's been advertised.

Dibs on the Lord Humongous gig.
Everyone feels like Mad Max at one point of time in the week.
I like to watch Beyond Thunderdome and Tommy as a double feature and pretend that it's the same Captain Walker.
Lies, lies, LIES!
Watched this the other day - it totally holds up. The stunt work is just straight-up insane.
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