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Desc:He seems to enjoy drowning tails
Category:Video Games, Educational
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Beyonce Knowles
He really hates Tails for some reason. That is awesome.
Never attempt to understand why U-man does things. That way madness lies

U hates Tales becaue tales represents a buddy. He is social and hangs out and doens't let you play by yourself. Tales is the anathema to U's autistic mind. In fact his worst nightmare would probably be a group quest in an MMORPG where you had to interact with people to get it done.

Syd Midnight
He'd be able to mathematically prove he is correct.

I've never known someone to be fascinatingly boring before.
Caminante Nocturno
I didn't hate Tails at all before I discovered that Ulillillia played Sonic. Now, I can't help but share his hatred.

It's infectious.
I always wondered, as a kid, how people figured out the game cheats featured in magazines and later in online FAQs. I thought that the people that figured these things out must be the coolest and best video game players in the universe. I was right.
That was oddly sadistic.
Especially that little bit of excited laughter he does as Tails drops down into the pool to his doom.

Jeff Fries
He sounds drunk.
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