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Desc:Is Mr. Burgesss interested in transferring his kids to a brand new school?
Category:Stunts, Humor
Tags:Prank, homophobia, Mr Burgess, FREE LAPTOPS?!??, cursing at the speed of light
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Dinky Patterson
Never heard the term "clam licker" before.
Low rating because it's a pretty dumbass prank, and the dude's rage actually scared me at the end. I'm afraid for those kids.
Caminante Nocturno
She sounds like she's very used to her father's outbursts. It's very likely that he's all bark and no bite.

This is Mississippi they're dealing with. Greenville to be exact. You have no idea the bigotry and homophobia, especially in the 90% of the state that is north of I-10.

Also, Mississippi has a scarily high rate of incest. So it may jut be that he didn't want anyone fucking his kids but him.

Caminante Nocturno
I like to think there's a recording these people didn't release where Mr. Burgess has a heart attack and dies on the phone.
doc duodenum
This guy should chew Orbitz gum.
The Republican base, ladies and gentlemen
I was cool with this until they brought the kids into it.
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