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Desc:A crazy lady taught her cat how to eat with utensils.
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:cat, Table Manners, utensils, crazy lady
Submitted:Ms. Vonscarlet
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Comment count is 18
wow, crazy lady isn't a linked tag? Also; she's crazy. I don't care how many kids leave home, don't teach your cat to use utensils, that's crazy.
I swear to God this is a dupe, but man that bitch is crazy.
Dupity, dupe, dupe.

Dinky Patterson
I think this is the only cat video I've cared enough about to rate, but those stars go to the original submission.

Son of Slam
That poor fucking cat.

That poor fucking man.
poor bill.
"It all started when Faye Meryl's kids left home."
Oh dang, some one said the same thing last time this was posted.

It's weird that this cat's dreams are the exact dreams that a crazy black cat lady would have. I'm pretty sure most cats would rather chase rats in the woods than meet Oprah.
Didnt anyone else see the tape?
Adham Nu'man
It's good that this woman keeps a table manners rating system, and that this cat is still only a 7; In a couple of years, when kitty moves up to 10, we'll see it reading the paper while taking a crap seated on the toilet.
"She was left with only her husband, Bill, for company..."

Well, shit.
Beyonce Knowles
Oh Bill. Oh poor poor Bill.
I gotta believe some of her secret methods for inducing table manners in cats have to involve strategically placed jumper cables.
5 for the video, 1 for being a dupe.
Big Name Celebrity
(No stars for dupe)

I could give a shit what color she is, this still needs a "white people" tag.
Caminante Nocturno
Did you know she was like this when you got married, Bill?
Seriously, she taped the utentils to the cats forearm so the business end of the spoon/fork/whatever extends just beyond the cat's paws.

Does nobody else see this?
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