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Desc:IT support: from www.thewebsiteisdown.com
Category:Business, Humor
Tags:support, website, tech support, thewebsiteisdown
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Resubmit:Frank Rizzo

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Comment count is 19
Yeah, that's pretty much my entire life.
you can't arrange them by penis
With all the attention this video is getting, I'm betting that you'll be able to download something that'll do just that within about a week.

How many times did you reboot?? Hehe.

Was funny but then it turned long... -1
I had a client whose web site went down during every thunderstorm resulting in a phone call to me and several hours of repairing a mysql database
Dude, you should make a youtube video of that. It sounds *hilarious*

Nah... all the swearing is in my head.

Already awesome, and then Ghostface reference.
But I've got like 4,000 hours for free!
Frank Rizzo
tech support is something I dont miss doing
It's the little things like the boss calling every slash 'backslash' that make this believable.
IT people, in general, are sort of shitty and awful.
They're team killers, too.

And so are salespeople. That's why I like this video.

Aubrey McFate
I have no point of reference for this, and it's still awesome.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
ok i got 4 minutes into it before i realized it was scripted
i couldn't listen to the rest when i realized it wasn't real
Mostly Pi
Yeah, that's prretty much what it's like.

On a side note, we become shifty and unpleasant as a side effect of working with abrasive, unruly luddites who rely on technology while hating it and us for knowing more about it than them. If you don't act like a prick people will circumnavigate the project management software and turn you into their personal IT bitch. Then you have to account for what you've been doing all day, why you haven't done documented work and you know John Knobend from billing isn't going to hve your back then... IT guys who weren't too maladjusted starting off and went through a period of time being nice to the rest of the staff know what I mean.

Basically, you become a creep to keep them from ladening you with unnecessary work, because you've made yourself so unbearable that it isn't worth trying to talk to you. Strategy, my friend. Pure, delicious, suger-spun strategy.
Frank Rizzo
"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Российско 077; Авторское Общество."

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