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Desc:A montage of classic video games, and ass.
Category:Trailers, Video Games
Tags:80s, arcade, Joe Don Baker, totally awesome video game, video to the max
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Comment count is 23
While this is completely awesome, I live in terror of the soundtrack. Apparently almost all of the songs are by these guys.
Wagga wagga wagga wagga wagga.
I demand the lyrics for whatever song this is.
Zhou Fang
Angel's Revenge, Joysticks, BLACK SHAMPOO (!)
Jimmy Labatt
Hey guys this just in: video games are TOTALLY AWESOME!!
Joe Don Baker gets the first credit? That's never a good sign.
Jimmy Labatt
I was thinking that too. Still, I feel I owe it to myself to rent this movie.

AND Greydon Clark, that master team behind FINAL JUSTICE.

I used to be able to beat Moon Patrol on one quarter back in the day.
Jimmy Labatt
OH GOD fucking Moon Patrol.

I had that for my 2600 and it drove me insane; fucking craters and mines blowing my purple buggy to pieces...fuck Moon Patrol.

As for the arcade, my three big-time quarter munchers were: Ghosts & Goblins (whenever I accidentally got the axe I would just swear, kill myself and start a new life), Major Havoc (best. most impossible. vector game. ever.) and god help me Marble Madness (black marble haunts my dreams to this day).

Dear God, will someone give that man a quarter? He's suffering!
I can't begin to imagine how ridiculous this looks to today's 13 year olds.
bonus for not showing a clip from the particular game she was viciously manhandling
I think it's a Gorf cabinet with a different label stuck across the top.

Oh wait, it's Solar Fox.

It was no Hamburger: The Movie, but it'll do
wished my name was Leif...love that soundtrack
Hey guys, I think that the title "Joysticks" might be a double entendre or something along those lines. It. Just. Might. Be.
enki don't
I lived this movie. It was the best summer ever.
Also, anybody recall what the name of the game is at 1:40-1:41? Had a joystick to move, knob to aim. Man I loved that game even even than Bosconians.

enki don't
Dude, what? Nah, not Tron
- it was top down, had a WWII theme

Spit Spingola
Five stars for the balls it takes to write and sing lyrics like that.

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