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Desc:Watch out for snakes
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Mst3k, Snakes, Joel, wtf
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Comment count is 13
I dunno about top 10 WTF moments but they are classic moments.

Trivia on Manos, though, the reason for Torgo's legs was that he was supposed to be a satyr, but they couldn't afford effects for the feet, so you never see that.
Most of these are actually less funny without the context. =(

Also: They could afford to show the feet, and the guy who played Torgo apparently built elaborate knee-braces to make it appear as if he had goat legs. His cloven feet were never shown in the MST3K cut, as Joel and the bots' silhouettes covered them.

I had a Torgo screensaver, never knew who the hell Torgo even was... until now.
Single MST clips out of context seldom work for me, less so if they're presented like this.
#1 is the bad, confusing kind of "WTF."
5 stars for #7.
Caminante Nocturno
5 stars for helping me recapture the wondrous sense of bafflement Barugon's rainbow inspired in me.
Jeff Fries
10 random Joel MST3K moments
Out of context, they're just ho-hum moments.

Re. #2, they ought to make a "dirtiest moments" reel.

"Very good of you to come."
"Oh, I didn't mean to, but these new bicycle seat covers--"
all for the #2 shot
-2 for not using the baby-oil scene from Mitchell. I thought that was ten times more "WTF?" than the other two used in this vid.
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