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Desc:A few have already appeared on here solo, but a good collection nonetheless.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:news, anchorman, lip slip
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Comment count is 21
gambol - 2008-07-01
black angus
but he's gay
did you just say the money shot
the internet
Magical Man from Happy-Land - 2008-07-01
I like how reporters have taken to immediately predicting their newfound internet stardom as soon as they make the gaffe.
buttnutt - 2008-07-01
Repomancer - 2008-07-01
Money shot.
Hooker - 2008-07-02
Yeah, money shot.

Syd Midnight - 2008-07-08
To be fair, it only recently became an acceptable word for things besides ejaculation.

Harveyjames - 2008-08-30
I'm sure money shot has always applied to things other than porn.

Frank Rizzo - 2008-07-01
"black and gus" has to be the biggest Ron Burgundy moment in history.
CornOnTheCabre - 2008-07-01
"Nah, that's stupid. It's definitely Black and Gus."

rustedmutt - 2008-07-01
She lost her tittle!
Mad Struggle - 2008-07-01
Man, I hope I never have a birthday like that.
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-07-02
That was Gus. I'd know him anywhere.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-02
Nice melons.. behind you there!

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-11-30
Also, "I know who likes chocolate..."


bopeton - 2008-07-07
ChocFullOfFunk - 2008-07-07
If there's one thing the terrible, terrible ubiquitousness of hours of bland news has done, it's that we now have hours and hours of people in front of the camera, which will lead to many, many more instances of people accidentally saying "queer." It may not be enough to completely offset the accompanying dumbing down of public discourse, but goddamn it's funny. He. Tittle.
Mayberry Pancakes - 2008-07-20
BUT HE'S GAY. I mean, blind.

I don't know how she made that mistake and don't even want to know.
Mayberry Pancakes - 2008-07-20
And five stars, of course.

oogaBooga - 2008-08-19
The first one was the best. How the FUCK did that happen? Teleprompter mishap? Disgruntled teleprompter operator?

Also "Were you spanked as a child?" "As a child? No."


Banal Intercourse - 2009-01-06
The first one was a combination of a missing period and silly hardboiled news script writing.

"Good Evening, I'm Ken Bastita. Dana is off tonight.


"He was murdered and set on fire while celebrating his birthday and now police are looking for the perpetrators in the death of John McGilikuty."

4 stars simply because "Newscasters Getting Owned" is better.

Prickly Pete - 2009-02-09
Gay, blind, tomato tomahto
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