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Desc:TFL cofounder who will probably off himself first
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Marathon Man, true forced loneliness, pussy renaissance, heterosexual feminists, hoochie-coochie
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Resubmit:Vestigial Johnson

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Your problems are everybody's fault but yours buddy.
TFL is probably the best thing to happen to poetv in a year.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Sadly I think TFL comical days are behind as Mr. Pussy Ren guy bailed out once he realized he was surrounded by even bigger losers than himself. Apparently he pulled all of his rant videos due to the harassment he was getting once someone posted his personal info in a wrasslin' forum. Such a damn shame as he was the most vitriolic TFL member.

these guys don't need women, they need those real dolls that you can bend into any position. they won't talk back to them, they won't judge them, or do all the stupid little (normal fem) fucking things that they hate that women do, and they won't punch back when they take out all of their pathetic sexual frustrations spanning a lifetime out on them.

also, the pseudo aggression is hillarious. barney badass talks like a rapist here but if that coveted pussy was right there panting
in his face, he'd stick a thumb in his mouth and weeee himself.

TFL should have an effigy of moe sizlack as their official mascot.

Where's pussy Stimpy guy?
Send this guy to Mystery PRONTO
That's basically what happened. D'Angelo took him under his wing and got him laid.

If there was ever a voice that personified "Nice guy who will never get any" ..
Also, any bets on what his next move is? Jailhouse gay? Rape? Suicide?

The term "nice guy" has been co-opted by self-absorbed losers like this guy. Actual nice guys do just fine for themselves.

For a nice guy he's got a yelling problem. And a hating things problem. And a not being nice problem.

hayseed timebomb
Repeating guy is repeating!
Repeating guy is repeating!
Repeating guy is repeating!
Repeating guy is repeating!


The Great Hippo
Monchiles Monchiles
WOMEN ARE OBLIGATED TO SEX ME. Seriously though people, let's find some more high quality ones like this. I've been bumming around on Youtube but I never hit the golden ones like you guys.

Wow this is pathetic on a whole new level. Also, OMFG INFIGHTING!
The Townleybomb
I like knowing that there are people out there that are afraid to subscribe to a true forced lonliness Youtube channel because they think that that will get them in trouble with the government. PUSSY RENNAISSANCE DID 9-11.
I think at this point I'm getting more angry at these fuckers than anything else because I think dipshits like this that are this vocal about their bullshit make it hard for the guys who legitimately have problems with social relationships (be it emotional, shyness, whatever) and actually DO remain virgins and on the outskirts of social culture, only eventually overcoming it through help and lots of personal work. There are guys like that out there who don't have this sick "nice guy" syndrome and admit that they themselves have issues they need to face. These fuckers are just pathetic pussies who don't have an ounce of real courage.
Sudan no1
aww, looks like the Pussy Renaissance pussy removed the video.
Quite angry, not quite angry enough.

a flaming monkey
Eh? What's with these guys? I couldn't sit through the whole thing, but I got the gist that being in the TFL basically means they can't get laid right?
Someone should tell them that there are women who will have sex with you for money. There, problem solved.
As I recall one of their ring leaders is a five hundred pound whale on disability. So... his limited funds are all tied up in powdered donut futures.

You know how many all you can eat buffets you gotta pass up to rent a callgirl? Me either. But Dwayne does. That fucker has done the math, I guarantee it.

a flaming monkey
Yeah, yeah, but there's still like birthdays and stuff. They could ask their grandmothers for money and there you go. If you're that desperate, money will never be a problem...I assume.

I've never been able to discern what their solution is to all of this. It obviously isn't "stop being a fat/creepy/crazy douche," and with all their misogynistic ranting I can only assume it is some sort of slavery system. It seems like they don't think women should have any choice whatsoever in picking whom they date.

Basically they want to be 3s and get 8s, right? Well the gist of it is, as I see it, they feel that if the world around them stoops to become 3s, then the 8s will have no choice but to settle for them or somebody equally obnoxious.

This is my interpretation of TFL from watching the vids: (may be TL;DR)

"Nice guys" who "deserve" all the best women the world has to offer don't ever get said women because said women are too stupid to realize the nice guys are better for them than the pricks that they date. As a result, the really awesome men are forced into a life of being a horrific social outcast and painfully alone. This situation never rectifies itself because no matter how hard the nice guys try, stupid women still get involved with the wrong guys and when they figure out what is what, it's too late and their lives are fucked up because of it and the nice guys don't want them anymore.
SO, in an attempt to get SOME amount of lovin, these truly saintly men decide to play it the "women's way" and act like pick-up artist douchebags. But this technique only works for guys who are already half way to being said douchebags, so again the REAL nice guys lose out. THEY'RE SO NICE, DAMNIT!!
Meanwhile, women NEVER have to deal with loneliness or any of these issues because women can simply shake their ass and BAM some guy will want to fuck them and because women are so phenominally stupid, they'll fuck anyone EXCEPT the guys who deserve to get all the fucking because they're REALLY NICE GUYS.
So, if enough guys make a big enough stink about TFL, women will eventually realize that men will wise up and NOT fuck them when the women are neglecting the truly deserving and when all men stick together in unity and solidarity and deny women their dicks, women everywhere will suddenly fall to their knees with grief realizing all along they could have had the REALLY NICE GUYS, and this era of horror will come to an end as they all rush into the waiting arms of these nice, nice men.

a flaming monkey
Wow....StanleyPain. You are full of many words.

Stanley, you need to get laid.

OH SNAP!!!11!!

Told you it was TL;DR. Please note: I do not agree with said wall of text. I just think that's what goes on in their mind.

Not: "Hey, maybe if I stop acting like a creepy, socially broken retard people will like me!"

I guess he has some shame because he pulled all of his crybaby videos.
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