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Desc:A special feature on the Dawn of the Dead '04 DVD. Better than the actual movie.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Zombies, apocalypse, Dawn of the Dead, We Interrupt this Broadcast
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Comment count is 21
Hahaha, it took 26 hours for the zombies to finally break into my hometown (referred to in Part Three).

This was pretty good in evoking that feeling of dread.
Are you from Las Vegas? I kept a close eye on it through the whole thing, rather proud that we held out for so long.

No, I'm from El Paso. East Texas, at the very tip of that panhandle.

I'm surprised we held out that long with our resources (one military base and border security), given that we're close to the more badly infected areas of New Mexico (though not as close as those poor bastards in Hudspeth County). I don't know about Juarez, but given the drug trafficking, someone well connected to the trade might find a way around, even with our "spectacular" border security in place.

But still, 26 hours. And it came like a gunshot, too.

Not East Texas, West Texas!

I think it's time for bed now.

Corman's Inferno
Shit. Washington only made it to hour 10. Goddamn you, Canada!

26 hours? 10 Hours? Lucky bastards. I'm in the midwest and clearly am going to be swimming in zombie mobs before I know what hits me.

Caminante Nocturno
Keith Olbermann's mulatto half-brother faces the Zombie Invasion.
The zombie apocalypse as read by the doctor from Babylon 5? OK by me!

Also, the message from the president in part three? Bruce Boxleitner. Sheridan himself.
'She's the hottest girl at... uh school!'

Hugo Gorilla
This is what DVD extras should be like instead of lame outtakes and deleted scenes.

Remember...always apologize before killing female reanimates.

I'm 99% sure that clip of music that plays when it shows the infestation vectors is from Resident Evil.
Sorry, but the acting sucked way to bad to sell this. I like zombies, but I have standards, you know?
It was an action packed, gory, shoot 'em up, zombie flick.

You knew going in that it wasn't going to replace the first NOTLD movie.

"It was an action packed, gory, shoot 'em up, zombie flick."

Maybe, but this clip was, at most, one of those things.

It sucked.

Fact: Richard "The doctor from Babylon 5" Biggs died of an aortic tear just a couple months after he did this.
Bitter with a side of Rice
This sucked on the special features, sucks now. The acting is way worse than anything in the movie. It's better than the feature on the gun shop guy I guess.
I love Dawn of the Dead, but this special feature would have been a lot better without the shitty amateur actors.
-2 stars for every actor other than maybe Blackbylon 5
+1 star for footage of bros trying to rape zombie chick
It's sort of like if Dawn of the Dead had worked from the Diary of the Dead acting pool.
wow, there sure are a bunch of infestations in lake michigan....3:01. L2 geography, dumbasses....
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