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Desc:Ladies and gentlemen; the high point of the 1980s
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:saxophone, the Lost Boys, the eighties, oiled-up gay guy
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The Townleybomb
My 13-year-old dong certainly thought this was the high point of the 80s.
For everyone who thinks he's joking - he isn't

Dr Dim

HOLY SHIT HE'S A REAL MUSICIAN and some lunatic has made a site about him.
I grew up with that oiled up gay man. That oiled up gay man made the.. uhh.. man I am today.
If I recall, this guy didn't even make this song, he was actually part of Tina Turner's band or something.
Caminante Nocturno
5 stars for the memories some of you must have of this oiled-up gay guy.
Gay? I don't see it.
the 80's were a very homosexual decade.
Hey! I never noticed that the lady from that fat-comedian-married-to-attractive-woman sitcom was the girl in this movie.
Honest Abe
hell yes
El Zapatista
A lot less footage of the oiled-up gay saxophonist than the comments led me to believe.
I'm shocked I wasn't the one who submitted this, because a girlfriend and I were kind of obsessed with it for a while years ago and it's still one of my favorite moments in cinema.

I don't think I ever tracked the band down (probably wasn't a real band) but I did figure out that it's a cover of a song by an 80s Christian rock artist, which just makes it that much weirder.
Tim Cappello. He IS real!

Me and my boyfriend's fav bit from the movie too , i were rewinding it countless times, . hahah. I was just gonna write that. Too funny. It is now officially one more meta-comment away from becoming a mise en abyme proper.

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