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Desc:Everyone's favorite beetle is back!
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:animals, fights, insects, Japanese Bug Fight, Gladiator Bugs
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Comment count is 12
Pie Boy
Anything that defeats a centipede is an instant five-star.
Pie Boy

thanks a lot, dick for brains

Aw, come on. What was the centipede even going to do?

nevertheless, five.
Caminante Nocturno
The things that bring you fear will never be a match for the things you think are awesome.

How uplifting.
Good triumphing over the purest of evil.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Keefu and Nocty stole what I was thinking all up outta my brain. Stag Beetles are warriors for justice, fearless, headstrong, and willing to face any challenger, no matter how scary or creepy or poisonous. Stag Beetles are truly Gods among bugs.

My only regret is that I know a preying mantis would just flail uselessly before tapping out or being broken.
That centipede didn't even want to fight.

It knew the whoopass that was in store for it, and refused to face it like a MAN. That stag beetle should not have shown it mercy, but I think we all know that stag beetles have a rigid code of honor.
That was hardly a conclusive battle. I want to see a stag beetle fight the giant centipede the murdered the giant asian hornet without even breaking a sweat. That guy was a champ.
Will his reign of terror ever be stopped?
the stag beetle achieves newfound glory on the internet!
The Stag Beetle is truly the insect I can ordain as being "manly as fuck".
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