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TeenerTot - 2008-07-07

I don't even know where to begin.
It sounds like it's being read from an angsty, beer-soaked, highschoolers spiral notebook.

Is it wrong that I find amusement in seeing his self-imposed victimhood implode on itself?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-07-07

No, that's why you're here.

Adham Nu'man - 2008-07-07

"And then you complain when you get killed"

The Townleybomb - 2008-07-07

Can't you people SEE that he has no CHOICE but to WEAR women's SKIN because they KNOWINGFULLY deny him his AMERICAN RIGHT to POONTANG because he's UNCIRCUMCIZED and your DAD is SATAN.

+1 for "and then you complain when you get killed." DAMES, ALWAYS COMPLAININ'.

Randroid - 2008-07-07

I'm imagining this being said by himself in the third person.

Rudy - 2008-07-07

"You call THAT a slipknot? That thing couldn't hold anything! It's no wonder that Philippino lady got away from you last week!

Now, what? Your going to slice off pieces of my sexual organs and keep them in a jar under the floorboards in your toolshed? Oh, REAL original! Don't you have any ideas of your own?"

chumbucket - 2008-07-07

his eyebrows are permanently in the upright position

kennydra - 2008-07-07

5 stars for this successfully turning my stomach within the first 30 seconds.

buttnutt - 2008-07-07


Bill just threw away any slim chance of getting laid.

hornung - 2008-07-07

he's got me convinced.
bitches do ALWAYS complain when they get kilt

mon666ster - 2008-07-07

So is it just me or does this whole thing boil down to angry short man syndrome?

Dinky Patterson - 2008-07-07

In this video he delivers his soliloquy without his cap:


In this one he does it without his false teeth:


Rovin - 2008-07-07

In this video he dresses like a woman, hides his face, and seems to pretend to talk from behind a parrot:


Adham Nu'man - 2008-07-07

Oh shit Rovin, you're serious...

Rovin - 2008-07-07

Yup, totally serious. The sheer gratingness of the thing kept me from posting it to the hopper though.

Dinky Patterson - 2008-07-07

Rovin: Would've been worth it just to utilize the "Psycho" tag.

Rovin - 2008-07-07

Run with it if you want.

Speaking of Psycho, though... between the video I linked and Bill's constant mix of Loneliness drivel, serial killer empathy, and conpiracy nonsense, there's probably a pretty decent YouTube Norman Bates parody video waiting to happen...

Dinky Patterson - 2008-07-07

I'll leave it for some go-getter.

Enjoy - 2008-07-07

My gaydar is beeping. Anyone else?

Lindner - 2008-07-07

"She's actually better off being dead. Why? Because him, he gets to suffer. He gets to go home and still be alone. Still be alone. Still be alone. Cry. Feel all the emotions."

... could you be any less of a man, sir? COULD YOU?

If she's better off dead, why not follow her example? Suck that gun barrel like the big black cock of death. Show all those damned feminazi's a thing or two! Consider it your way of saying, "You bitches can't fire me, I quit!"

What kind of a limp dick asshole believes their emotional distress from lack of sex exceeds being viciously murdered as the judging criteria for "Officially having a bad day"?

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2008-07-07

Do NOT help this man move a mattress into the back of his van

Cleaner82 - 2008-07-07

Yes, this guy is going to turn violent someday if he's not already. I like to think we're doing our part, however small, to bring his lunacy to the public eye. We're heroes goddamnit, heroes.

Cleaner82 - 2008-07-07

Here is my only message to Bill, which he'll probably never read:

Bill, what's confusing you so much is choice. As if a woman ever were to approach you, you would have a choice to accept or reject her advances, so too does every woman on earth have a choice to reject you. This is because women are people too. As women are all individuals, and all make individual choices, they cannot collectively decide to throw you a pity hottie because you're so lonely. Even if they could, they probably wouldn't, because you're a creepy bastard and any intelligent girl thinking of dating you would have a brief yet vivid vision of being buried in your back yard. This is a good reason to leave you lonely for the rest of your life Bill, because let me put it in military terms. No one wants to put themselves in the line of fire.

It's true that if you were rich it'd be different. There is a certain unscrupulous breed called "most people" that will do practically anything for money. They would be willing to risk personal harm for a little piece of green. Maybe that's your only hope Bill, to attract women who know better, but feel the desire to roll the dice and hope they come away unscathed, and with some cash in the bargain. If you are not willing or able to take off the ballcap and mellow, or make some cash, then yes. You will die alone. And such a thing is right, and just.

Magical Man from Happy-Land - 2008-07-07

These guys are a goldmine

StanleyPain - 2008-07-07

"TFL is NOT about being anti-women! But....it IS about being very happy when a women is killed in a vicious and brutal manner. NOT THAT I'M SAYING I WOULD DO IT!!"

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-07

I... Good lord I don't know what to say. These should be archived for when the FBI needs them, before they get deleted either by youtube when the inevitable happens.

Dinky Patterson - 2008-07-07

If it hasn't happened yet then I don't think it ever will.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-07

Yeah, I take it back, any TFLer is by nature too lazy. Damn though, it's still creepy and sad and cringe-inducing.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-07-07

I'm kicking myself for not archiving the Pussy Renaissance rant.

Cherry Pop Culture - 2008-07-07

it's nice to see victim-blaming is alive and well.

Hay Belly - 2008-07-07

I love how he thinks all the women killed by men in America are killed by serial killers. His whole argument is based on this.

William Batty - 2008-11-17

Only 90% of the women are killed by serial killers. And I figure what he really means is that 90% of serial killers' victims are women, but the sentence construction got him in the trick bag.


oddeye - 2008-07-07

Some people are just born bad apples.

kingarthur - 2008-07-07

So....when he relates his story about sitting around with a bunch of guys in The Phillipines, talking about their life of loneliness and rejection, is he implying that he couldn't get laid in The Phillipines?

Dude, you're not even trying.

Xiphias - 2008-07-08


what were you doing there, bill

Adham Nu'man - 2008-07-08

Looking for TRUE LOVE, of course. Jeez, keep up to date with this shit, will you?!?

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-07-08

Whatever this man's mother did to him, she did it for the purpose of making him end up like this.

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