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Desc:Sadness. And Revenge.
Category:Video Games
Tags:arcade, Arcade Game Intro Week, dead connection
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Comment count is 13
Evil power steals on.

Has there ever been a more succinct and accurate description of the human condition? I submit that there has not.
Dan Druff
September 5th, 1953
In a big city comewhere...
Men making a stand against a gigantic crime
Evil Power steals on
Sadness and revenge
They begin fighting,
Keeping anger in their hearts

THAT is the very definition of "Found Poetry"

They seemed to really spent a long time pumping bullets into that girl though?
Mike Tyson?!
Fuck yes, this is how games are supposed to be.
Judging by the playthroughs on youtube this game looks great.

Yeah. I thought this was just a retitled Dead Angle or a sequel or something, but the game itself is actually some sort of kickass non-scrolling shooter (!) that looks twice as awesome as Dead Angle.

"Kill the dame, Eddie"
"No problem, boss"
"Make sure she's dead, Eddie"
"Two in the chest, one in the head, that sound about right, boss?"
"Eddie, I want you to shoot her ten thousand times."
"Whatever you say, boss."
If they didn't shoot her so much, it would be a normal-sized crime instead of a gigantic crime.

Corman's Inferno
Army of Dick Tracy Clones Vs. The Godfather!
Such a simpler time. Some might say a better time.
Truly the simplerest time that ever is.

If they wanted her dead so badly they shouldn't have used a paint ball gun.
Caminante Nocturno
Hey, foreigners. This is EXACTLY what America is like. All of the time.
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