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Desc:We're all bacteria
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:dmt, Joe Rogan, hallucinogens
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Comment count is 8
baleen - 2008-07-08

I think it's interesting that this guy came upon a form of complexity theory just by doing shitloads of drugs.
anotherdeadhero - 2008-07-08
isolation tank, nice
Xenocide - 2008-07-08
I know a guy who did DMT. He describes seeing almost the exact same thing Rogan talks about. He is far less prone to big-picture rants, though.

Also: LA is cancer in every possible context.
Dinkin Flicka - 2008-07-08
I could swallow this with such interest if he wasn't describing it with such a jock-takes-wicked-drug enthusiam and the bro-bras in the background weren't laughing like idiots and screaming profanities. Pride yourself on nothing, Joe Rogan.
mr666 - 2008-07-08
Joe Rogan.
Thatcher Pennywhistle - 2008-07-08
StanleyPain - 2008-07-08
I remember first hearing this bit on a CD someone was playing at work and I thought "Wow, this would be funny stuff if it were in the hands of a real comedian."

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-08
Drugs are fun because listening to people talk while on drugs is fun.
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