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Desc:Anamatronic horror show reinterprets Usher.
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:pizza, horror, nightmare fuel
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Comment count is 13
This has convinced me that mankind's first priority should be to maintain at least one complete, functioning set of Showbiz Pizza robots.
I would go to their concerts.
Oh, and the tag should be "nightmare fuel," not "nightmare_fuel,". Leave the commas.


Sweet dreams.

:D I submitted this already over on 73q.
Whatever happened to the original guy who was doing these? The guy who did "pop lock and drop it", and "london bridge". Those were WAY creepier.
same guy, looks like he changed his production a little

Ms. Vonscarlet
Now only if the showbizz pizza band could do California Uber Alles by the Dead Kennedys.
2nded. And not that I want to come down on the same side of an argument as Billie Buttfuck (ever) but it did submit this on 73Q about a week ago.


You tend to a agree with my musical tastes frequently, kingarthur. Are you refering to Billy Buttsex, or did I do something to offend?

I was talking politics. or maybe I'm confusing you with Buttsex and his politics. Who knows? The pills mke me loopy sometimes.

I have these guys subscribed on youtube, its genius stuff.
blue vein steel
i used to work at a chucky cheese and most of the ones that did work only ran at like 20% of there abilities because they were so expensive to maintain. So this is amazing, good song too.
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