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Desc:'Go and Save the city'
Category:Video Games
Tags:video games, Wolverine, X-men, you suck at video games
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Comment count is 22
Ah yes, much of my misspent youth was spent playing this game with 5 other random strangers at the arcades. Great game.
Much of my misspent early 20s being a stoner idiot who managed occasionally to hold a job down for longer than like, 6 months was spent playing this game with 5 other stoner idiots in their early 20s at the 7-11 where one of the other stoners worked.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Some asshole would always pick Nightcrawler, so I learned how to turn Colossus into a tool of war.

Wolverine sucks worse at destroying those than I remember from the comics.
The gameplay is clearly stolen straight from Metamorphic Force.

I had to.
No, no! Don't let them surround y-- oh christ. This guy is awful.
I sure hope he's playing on an emulator, because trying to beat the game with his skills is going to cost about as much as buying the damn arcade machine.

Why are they fighting Mandroids?
I may be a little fuzzy on my X-mythos, but why would sentinals ever team up with the brotherhood of evil mutants?

Also - Collossus was the best character in this game. His special was the only one that hit everything on the screen, no questions asked. Nightcrawler was a close second.
Nightcrawler was the best overall. His special was only slightly behind Colossus but his jump kick was the only one that could effectively take out those fucking reavers.

oh man I spent so much money on this as a bored teenager
Magneto sure gets a frisky look in his eyes when he thinks of the X-Men.

Caminante Nocturno
The X-Men's pose after Professor X tells them to save the city seems very standoffish. I was expecting one of them to say "Why should we?"

And, yeah, this guy is awful.
The rest of this playthrough on YouTube sucks because the guy goes after the bosses so fast, they don't get to say their trademark lines.




Testicles of Doom
Dammit, I was hoping no one had taken "X-CHICKENS!" yet.

Caminante Nocturno
Welcome to die, X-Men!


a flaming monkey
Yeah, this game was not meant for one player only. There' no way to get your freakin' life back!
Well, Wolverine's healing factor...

Huh, sure this was a 6 player game ?
There are two versions of the game. the one shown here only supports 4 players. You seleceted your character then duked it out a single screen. The second, and much cooler, version supported 6 players. Your character was dependent on which controller you selected and the game was played on two screens positioned side by side, panorama style.

Beat this game with my friends at a birthday party in the 4th grade. Circus Circus definately pulled in the dough that day.

Colossus was the only way to go.

This game was so evil. Every kid's natural instinct was to pound the special button to see their favorite comic book character do cool stuff.

What the game never mentioned was that you lost life for using your special, so kids didn't know why they were dying in one hit and asking mom for more quarters.
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