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Desc:Kind of a long haul to the punchline, but so worth it.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Adam Carolla, Loveline, Dr Drew
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Comment count is 16
Paying for tuition.
Hay Belly
Listen to the end, it is so worth it. She has no clue.
Magical Man from Happy-Land
Oh loveline how I miss you
We could always listen to Stryker.

Wow, I can't belive I managed to type that without vomitting on the keyboard here.

God, it was so good when the Dynamic Duo was together, and I just started getting into it when they broke up.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Oh... my... lord I miss this show. I miss call-in radio shows in general. This is the future, and the future is now. YOU CAN'T DENY SOMETHING NOBODY HAS EVEN HEARD OF.

I mean, assuming she looked it up, six million Jews?? That figure is ridiculous; it couldn't have been more than maybe twenty, which coincidentally is the highest number she can count to until her next birthday, as long as you give her hints and sound out the first and second sylables of each one past ten.

Chicks like this really do have it easy when it comes to getting paid; there's always the oldest profession in the world to fall back on if data entry or women's sports are too exausting. I wonder what this well-read "phone actress" Lorraine is up to these days.

Also, I don't think someone who can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch has any problem paying "tuition."
Magical Man from Happy-Land
needs more misogyny

Unmerciful Crushing Force
Adam Corolla is a gigantic douchebag who went from amusing to ear-stabbing levels of grating by the time his tenure at Loveline ended. The show is so much better when it's just listening to the fucked up stories some of these people have to tell without hearing Corolla go on some rant about his ass.

But this one is classic.
Carolla was the worst possible person you could hire for a show like this. Which makes him the best possible person, natch.

Five stars for Adam Corolla being funny. The surprise alone is worth it.
Whoa. Adam Corrola and Tom Arnold? And an unsatisying pay-off? Sign me up!
shush, that was good.

7 minutes for a chuckle?
Adam Corolla's rants and improvisation were great on that show.
Frank Rizzo
that was well worth it.

-1 for not being able to seek and search
Two of these are for Tom Arnold almost, ALMOST having a heart attack and dying. Almost. The other star is for the mediocre joke that took 6 minutes.
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