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Desc:McDonald's frequently demanded that you forsake your dignity in their name.
Tags:dance, mcdonalds, Arches
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Then you can do the angioplasty.
beat me to it ya bastid.

do the loose bowels?

ok, so mcdonalds ad campaigns have always been as retarded as "i'm lovin' it"
Didn't McD try to use "I'd hit it" as an advertising thing for awhile to be "HIP AND PHRESH" until they discovered what it meant?

Yea a couple years ago

When I went to McDonald's back in my college days (this was around the time they introduced those "Salad Shakers") there was a placard advertising these thing with the phrase "Toss your own salad."

I wish I had stolen it, because I was crying so hard from laughing.

I saw those signs too!! Holy shit I'd forgotten about them (somehow).

The great thing about the "I'd hit it" ads wasn't just the slogan, it was the black kid who was leering at the Big Mac with obvious sexual intent.

i found something similar ... http://tinyurl.com/6ngmlq

Magical Man from Happy-Land
In the late 80's/early 90's, every tv ad aimed at children was exactly like this.
I'm going to go ahead and give this 5 stars for the description alone.
McDonald's attempt to start a new social trend failed. Until years later when fatal heart disease became the new trendy thing.
5 Stars for the Chimp!
They have a monkey. Game over competition.

Because sometimes you gotta break the rul-whoops wrong establishment
Testicles of Doom
5 million fucking stars for the Little Richard style "WHOOOOO!"

I am crying over here.
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