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Desc:FromSoftware, the makers of Metal Wolf Chaos, were more famous for this series.
Category:Video Games, Military
Tags:raven, Armored Core, Mecha, Giant Robots, Fromsoftware
Submitted:j lzrd / swift idiot
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Comment count is 3
bakune young - 2008-07-15
kelpfoot - 2008-07-16
Fly straight up and a little to one side. Keep your reticule on your opponent.

As soon as you hit the ceiling, kill the boosters and drop straight down. Zig-zag with the strafe buttons to dodge, and shoot like mad.

If you're badass, you'll land on the wreckage. If you're double badass, you'll slash the wreckage with your Moonlight. If you're triple badass, you'll slash the wreckage with a Moonlight wave attack. Doing this successfully is much cooler than humping your opponents like in Halo, but unfortunately no one else can see you do it except for your mom.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-07-24
We will battle.

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