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Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:failure, VenomFangX, Death Threat, parting shot
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Resubmit:Dinky Patterson

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Comment count is 29
dammit! no more venomfangx? it makes me both happy and sad
also someone needs to backup all his videos before he deletes them all...

Does he really think people hated him because he preached about God? I always thought it was because he was so smug about it, or because he rigged his Youtube account so that only people worshiping him could get their comments through. His sin was pride.
Tell me about it. The comments for this clip consist of over 500 posts of pure fellating.

I suppose douchiness and stupidity are not sins, but he had those down too. Stupidity, or a complete lack of respect for his fellow debaters, and hence the lazy smug tripe that filled his videos.

Once Christians faced the threat of being eaten alive by lions for ministering yet they went on. Now a guy gets a message on YouTube that says "u suck fagot i hop u die" and he tucks his tail between his legs and runs. Way to live up to the tradition!
Everybody who makes a name for themselves on the internet gets death threats. They don't mean shit.

Billy Buttsex

It's pathetic that someone would send a death threat to a guy preaching about the Bible, regardless of logical flaws. But I guess it's nothing new.
Adham Nu'man
Not to mention this will only give further confirmation in his mind that he IS right.

Death threats are indeed nothing new, and in fact threats in general, especially on the internets, where you (obviously not without limits) have the power of anonymity.

If it's TRUE that he's really getting serious death threats apart from the usual YouTube nonsense, that's too bad, but fuck this guy.
His little "Oh, poor me I just wanted to preach the word of the bible!" act is bullshit. He deleted a lot of his videos, interestingly all the ones where he uses words like "stupid" and "idiot" and all sorts of other shit to insult and attack not just atheists, but Darwinists as well (which has nothing to do with religion despite what religious fanatics would like to make it into). He also did some grade-a Islam bashing. So I guess you reap what you sow.
There's plenty of people ACTUALLY preaching the Gospels on YouTube who, I'm sure, aren't receiving death threats because they aren't such colossal assholes.
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

What StanleyPain said. This is a guy who dressed up as Batman to make fun of Islam. All while wearing a shit-eating grin. He wasn't just preaching the Bible, he was doing it with a self-righteous holier than thou attitude and a shit-eating grin.

Ministry? ... seriously? His MINISTRY? I knew he was delusional, but for fuck's sake.

I like the implication of this video though.

"Go back to your Godless life! When you die, you will be held responsible for fucking with me! ME! The prophet of the Lord! I hold you responsible for this, and it might as well be God, our Lord shutting down this account!

Praise the Lord (and me) and this Youtube ministry for all the works they have wrought!

Oh yeah. And Jesus says the AmazingAthiest is a f4g0tt!"
Dinky Patterson
Now he has an excuse to dress like a woman in public:

"It's my disguise. They're trying to KILL ME."
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Hey now, I thought Christians were the forgiving type. Instead praying for their salvation this little spiteful bastard relishes the fantasy of his online tormentors rotting in hell.
enjoy your internet martyrdom
Bigot. Good riddens.

Right, thanks.

I'm going to kill you, VenomFangX.

hey has the armor of god to protect him.

It's so funny that he has a "ministry" while living with his parents.

I think the most interesting part of this video is that, while it's sure douchey and everything, without the face present, I'm not overcome with an overwhelming urge to punch him.
I am.

Do we still have his Islam videos? I have a few Danish friends who'd be interested in those...
Dinky Patterson
This guy saved some of his videos before he deleted them:


This one's about Islam:


Dinky Patterson
This guy is better:


Dyingxember - "Venom... I'm so sorry. If you have to quit here, continue on the streets! Go anywhere you can. You have a gift. I will pray for you earnestly. In only one day your videos have helped me tremendously. Thank you so much... and I hope goodbye is not forever for this ministry."

Yeah, Shawn, go preach in the street. Let's see how long you can go without someone having to wheel you into the ER.

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