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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:autism, dogs, american inventor, cooler
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Comment count is 20
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-07-17
This kid is going to build something that will destroy us all.
baleen - 2008-07-17

His next invention is the called the human oven.

RomancingTrain - 2008-07-17
"It's like I'm looking in a mirror." Then the kid looks horrified.
freedoom - 2008-07-17
ive seen an infomercial for something similar a couple years ago, it was called the solar car cooler or something.

http://www.ontvgiftshop.com/images/_products/ezdropshipper/AUA UTOCOOL.jpg
rulestein - 2008-07-17
That bald judge was so annoying. He has already invented everything.
juiceboxtheeverliving - 2008-07-17
that kid is annoying. I wish someone would shove that shit invention up his whiney ass. I feed on his tears.
major-_-turnon - 2008-07-17
Yeah, fuck this kid. I got way too much of an entitlement vibe from him, like he thought his shitty fan invention was going to put him in the running for America's Most Darling Child Prodigy˜.
dreamvigile - 2008-07-17
Notice how he goes from "It's worth a try" at the beginning to "You took away my dream" at the end.
Moustache McGillicuddy - 2008-07-17
when I was 9 I invented a small fan to cool my balls from the intense texas summer heat. WHERES MY TROPHY?
MaulLove - 2008-07-17
Ha ha ha ha, this is awesome.
Comeuppance - 2008-07-17
Not often does one see the turning point in a future evil villain's life on film.
FatFatuousNation - 2008-07-17
He's a little Aspie. The adjective "autistic" is usually reserved for more severe cases.
SpookyElectric - 2008-07-17
yeah, he's no Scombridae Kid

Casual Tea Party - 2009-05-26
Ohhh, I thought you said STOMBRUDAIE

juiceboxtheeverliving - 2008-07-18
best part is he realizes it was a shitty idea because when the dude asks him how old he is, he makes sure to tell him that, though he is 14 now, he invented it at 9. like somehow they will be like, "well at least it's an ok idea for a 9 year old." I think he just expected to win because he is young
Unsung - 2008-08-18
He shouldve told them it was for babies instead of dogs.

Hope he doesn`t turn into another "Bulletball".
eatenmyeyes - 2008-09-11
"...and then I felt pain."
robotkarateman - 2008-11-02
It's the American invention for the American pet - You wouldn't get that MR. NON-AMERICAN FOREIGNER
William Batty - 2009-01-06
Heartless motherfuckers. He got as many "yes" votes as Black Cougar.

I would have voted Yes; and there's nothing I like more than killing dogs and making little kids cry.
Torture the Artist - 2009-07-09
He invented pointing a fan at a dog. Two votes was pretty generous.

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