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Desc:Woman goes on a long rant about destruction of the brian through cell phones, TVs and bathtubs.
Tags:crazy, iphone, conspiracy theory, evil bathtub
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Comment count is 18
Is this one on of those Improv Everywhere skits?
Save the brian! He's innocent! He needs not be destroyed...
I didn't mean to 5 star this.
Damn it.

*hangs head in shame*

Get it, the hard drive? HARD DRIVE? They don't call it that for nothing! Keep smiling and compiling, you compucattle! You'll weave them the rope to hang us all!
The CD-ROM's are coming!

This is friend-of-your-mom crazy. She can usually get by without incident, but sometimes it all just snaps.
I think she's giving Apple too much credit...
She knows what she's talking about! It was in a desk!

Don't you know all successful conspiracies leave complete detailed outlines of their evil plans unattended in desks?

Moustache McGillicuddy
hi! i'm gonna assume she's crazy because what she's saying is outside my belief system! oh and also in my free time I like to believe what everyone else is believing! wooo yah brb, im gonna go play xbox360 :-)))
I'm going to assume she's crazy because what she's beating a bunch of disparate ideas together trying to make them fit into a conspiracy model.

Also, that you're a faggot.

Jeff Fries
Behold the reincarnation of Heidegger
They've upgraded the uh... pixels they call em. They make them faster.
So who's stupider, the crazy woman or people actually dumb enough to wait in line for an iPhone?
Rodents of Unusual Size
She's really real! She really knows the truth! 5 stars for crazy ass ladies who just keep going.
"I don't want my mind! I want the iPhone!"

Dear Steve Jobs: I'll give you five dollars if you make this your slogan.

That's right, Steve.


Couldn't watch. Sure the lady is a little goofy, but the cameraman is a loud asshole.
Yup. Could have been so much better if they would have indulged her.

Poor Excuse
I like this woman.

Her delivery is off, and her misuse of 'computer talk' is hilarious, but everyone else in this video is sucking on giant balls of sarcastic retort, that need to be choked on posthaste, henceforth causing The Death.
Collin Cote
Pixels and CD ROM's and hard-drives, oh my!
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