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Desc:British sci-fi
Category:Classic TV Clips
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 8
I usually associate the Thames opening screen with Benny Hill myself.

I think Ron Grainer and Dudley Simpson scored just about every British sci-fi show of the 70s.
And I thank them for this little gem.

That aside, I always wanted to watch this show and could never catch it on in reruns. Yes, I was exposed as a child during the 70s nostalgia period.

For me, it makes me think Count Duckula.

The only show I religiously watched as a child and pretty much the only show I regularly watched on Nickelodeon as a kid (surely I can't be the only one who remember's Nick's early 80s "Third Eye" block of weird, British sci-fi programming)

I got a few of these boxsets and the show holds up surprisingly well. Sort of a slightly kiddified Doctor Who, for lack of a better description. There's a few complete serials on YouTube.
HOLY SHIT someone else remembers the Third Eye...which was actually New Zealandian. Around age 10 (when they showed it on Nick), that show constituted my entire knowledge of that country.

I used to tell people about this show and no one believed me. It was a low rent Dr Who and that is saying a lot.

I remember seeing this show on Nick a few times. There was a part where the scene switched to America, and they illustrated this by showing a man dressed as Uncle Sam walking down the street holding red, white and blue balloons. Had I been a bit older, I would have recognized how awesome that was.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
I remember I caught a piece of the 1990s remake they did and thought that it was the coolest thing ever. I look at this opening and realize I was sadly mistaken.
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