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Desc:Magic Honey makes them fly
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:world peace, maharishi, Yogic Flying
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Comment count is 16
Dear nutjobs,

Happy to see you're having so much fun! Just a quick request: Please find a new word for that thing you're doing there. "Flying" already has a definition and it's not.. whatever that is.


Dinky Patterson

Milarepa was the laughing mad man and prankster of Tibetan history. He was really introduced just to compete with the Bonpo tradition.
Meh...it keeps 'em happy with dreams of being able to fly and they never show up at my front door at 8:00 on a Saturday morning.
yes, jumping on the bed makes me happy too.
why would you have to pump your arms for momentum if you were flying and not hopping?
Wonko the Sane
As batshit cults go, these guys are pretty harmless.
White people.
Better description suggestions, "Yogic ass-bouncing", "Yogic acting like a normal 6 year old", "Yogic not fucking flying that's for damn sure", "Yogic Eddie Murphy from Trading Places having a seizure".

Once you've had a flying man with no legs you never go back...
Robert Siegel at his most condescending.
D'oh, that's Will Lyman. Robert Siegel is the guy from All Things Considered.

Still, five stars for the palpable disdain.

I love Is It Real? This show will entertain the most batshit insane ideas for the first 45 minutes, then in the last 15 minutes will destroy all the evidence they presented in favor of the crazy idea. If you were ever to watch the show without catching those last 15 minutes you'd think all sorts of crazy things.
I'm glad someone is finally seriously trying to do something to end violence, war and crime. If 1000 people hopping on mattresses can't do it I don't know what can.

These guys came close to getting their 1% in 1993.

Actually, I'd rather vote for them instead of the chumps we have in office now.
But but but... they showed evidence of a brain scan that showed something in the brain was happening when these people tried to fly. Clearly if the brain does things then they are really flying. Because normally the brain lies completely dormant, especially when it's about to perform a strenuous physical activity.

You see? Total proof!
Syd Midnight
I like the excuse making when they call hopping "The first stage".

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