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Moustache McGillicuddy - 2008-07-26

+9 for the black guy with the 'fro at :12
-3 for ebaumsworld, matriarch of all that is pestilent
+4 for chuck woolery
-5 for chuck woolery
-3 for the ghastly conclusion

FangoftheCobras - 2008-07-26

reminds me of the cough from the Critic. AKK-em!

almo - 2008-07-26

hey look it's a proto-furry

baleen - 2008-07-26

come on. this is beautiful.

Hay Belly - 2008-07-26

Insert "He went down on me and gave me a hysterectomy" joke.

Xenocide - 2008-07-27

The first thing he notices about a woman is the mouth.

Upon confirming an attractive mouth, he makes a sound like Bobcat Goldway choking to death on a dinner roll.

ChocFullOfFunk - 2008-07-27

I'm just going to go ahead and say this wouldn't be nearly as funny if this guy seemed at all heterosexual.

Jeff Fries - 2008-07-27

She doesn't hayve a chaynce

citrusmirakel - 2008-07-27

I've heard that Chuck Wollery is actually a clean living, milk drinking, church on Sunday kinda guy. Which was always at odds with him hosting this seedy fucking humpfest of a show.

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