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Desc:There should be a thousand of these.
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:wheelchair, dr. who, daleks, dalek
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Comment count is 15
Cool, I guess, but why not make a Cyberman outfit that allows him to walk again?
Wolverhampton could use the terror. Also:
* Black Country Faggots On Sale Here *

Wolverhampton is, I think, the most British place name imaginable. Maybe Wolverhamptoncestershire. You'd pronounce it Wimster.

I liked the ending myself. Thirty years on and the Brits still love Tom Baker scarves.

I've been reliving my childhood by watching all the Tom Baker episode on youtube again.

This person has uploaded every single Tom Baker episode, something like 350 clips.

In PBS syndication, Leela escorted me into manhood... The thought of Louise Jameson in her prime still makes me weak in the knees, strong elsewhere.

Oh, I love the English.

You have no idea how much I want one of these.
Good thing the Ku Klux Klan is still operational... where else would we get our Black Country Faggots?
http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/fail-owned-pork-fail.j pg

I'd like to live in a place where they sell used vacuum cleaners at street fairs.
Seal him in.
It beats my Hoveround any day.

But can it make it to the GRANDE CANYON?!
Testicles of Doom
Ben Wick

loves daleks
no, dude.

"loves darleks"

It was totally misspelled. That's the kind of due diligence that pushes this into SIX STAR TERRITORY.

Billy the Poet
The British: moving "r" from where it belongs to where it doesn't for 400 years.

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