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Desc:I guess we're not good at anything
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:short and sweet, Pruane2, Jawsus
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Comment count is 26
Although trisomy 21 is often associated with cognitive impairment as well as physiognomic deformations, this video demonstrates the potential range of impairment trisomy 21 can take. However, despite the subject's sophisticated use of language and apparent intellectual development, uploading a YouTube video and shaving are still beyond its abilities.
King of Balls
I like your comment.


He actually reminds me of someone with fetal alcohol syndrome. Breathing problems and eyes far apart, and not exactly the brightest thing.

"What could I do to avoid all this negative attention, entire world?"
Geoff Marr
Whenever he talks I think of the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

But with extra whining.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I think of vultures.

Wow, he's got more mouth than Robert McGee.
I strangled my monitor.
Sheesh, just chew the Chiclets already, guy.
Voice supplied by Louie Anderson, but enhanced by computer to sound even shriller.
Well done, yeah I think that about covers it.

I read that as Laurie Anderson at first.

I read it as shittier instead of shriller at first.

Amazing how nobody can read Xenocide's comment properly.

Caminante Nocturno
I read that as "Amazing how nobody can read Xenosaga's comment properly."

Adham Nu'man
"I'm going to make a 1 min video complaining about how I'm having a hard time uploading a 1 min video"
its so great that youtube, instead of promoting intelligent podcasts from the internet community , instead promoted self-absorption, slandering and number-of-views competition.

that said, this kid is a moron.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Go tell it to the mountain, Jawsus. Go tell it to the mountain.
Five stars because he looks like a Vulcan with Down syndrome.
Caminante Nocturno
Bragging about your number of hits goes really well with that voice.
Is it me or does he have only half his teeth?
Midnight Man
puberty is a terrible time
i need proof that he's not a developmentally challenged middle aged julliard graduate having a laugh at the expense of youtube before i condemn him entirely.
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