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Desc:Finland has such wonderful things to show you
Tags:Old Man, trampoline, finland, Drum, tykylevits
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Comment count is 22
Cube - 2008-08-03
The trampoline represents a Lapp shaman's drum.

I'm not quite sure how it's done, but basically you have a somewhat large drum with symbols on the skin, and you put animal bones on it. When you hit the drum, the animal bones move, and I assume it means a whole heap of things when a certain bone goes on top a certain symbol.
Hooker - 2008-08-03

kingarthur - 2008-08-03
Helsinki! Ha ha!

asian hick - 2008-08-03
where does the red thong figure in?
asian hick - 2008-08-03
^Reply to Cube

Cube - 2008-08-03
They're there to protect the purity and innocence of American viewers.

Desidiosus - 2008-08-03
Unfortunately it doesn't protect us from the forest of back hair or the muffin top.

misterbuns - 2016-05-28
one of his boys pops out @ 00:06!

kiint - 2008-08-03
:14 aww fattysham got schweepy
KnowFuture - 2008-08-03
The country where I quite want to beeee
bopeton - 2008-08-03
Randroid - 2008-08-03
Fucking trolltrumma med tjockis på
godot - 2008-08-03
The occult rituals behind Nokia's worldwide success.
Merkwuerdigeliebe - 2008-08-03
Smellvin - 2008-08-03
Finland is showing potential to be the Japan of the 21st century.
Cube - 2008-08-03
Finland has one of the highest suicide rates in the world... So YES!

major-_-turnon - 2008-08-03
Reminds me of S&M Santa
NoCode - 2008-08-03
"Don't you know? A snake bit him!"
lustygoat - 2008-08-03
just when I thought poetv couldn't surprise me anymore
themilkshark - 2008-08-03
Don't know what this is, don't care... I love it
phalsebob - 2010-04-18
boner - 2016-05-28
come to trampoline in next 86 minutes if u want an ass kicking
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