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Desc:CERN's head writer decides to spread the excitement of the Higgs boson.
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:Rap, nerds, cern, hadron, kind of sad
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Comment count is 15
They can build a tunnel over 60 km long and create matter from light but they can't keep the volume in a rap video stable.
Which worries me deeply. If they can comprehend particle physics front to back and back again, shouldn't audio mastering be a relative piece of cake?

This is my jam.
All of the people in this video have PHDs
Rodents of Unusual Size
Firefly reference at 1:37
I wish they had a tricked out CERN mini-car.
That whip needed some ghost riding.

This video did not give me a hadron, unfortunately.
Syd Midnight
It needed some elderly old scientist to do an excited breakdown. Surely that's not too much to ask?

All pretty dope til they spawn a singularity.

Needs a MC Hawking tag.
yeah yeah will these assholes be rapping when the headcrabs show up?

Syd Midnight
The workers at the LHC are the happiest physicists I've ever seen.
I came.
I'm proud to say I know one of the dancers.
And I'm proud to say that I built a (very small) part of that bad-ass LHC.

Five stars for the absence of someone using the words "My name is Leon, and I'm here to say..."

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