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Desc:It's not what you'd expect.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Fart, pee, poop, anna nicole smith, illegal aliens
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I need the names of everyone who bought this.
Anna Nicole Smith truly was our Princess Diana.
Which really illustrates the difference between England and America.

England's dream woman - urbane, well-bred, graceful, pretty in a very classy and understated way, might be screwing around behind the scenes but keeps up appearances like a champion

America's dream woman - busted, broken, drugged-out, skanked-out, homely, stupid sperm dumpster with a big fake rack, who everyone on Earth has seen naked if not ejaculated directly on her face

To be fair, Anna was never really America's Diana any more than Amy Winehouse is the Brits.

I just wish that someone had aired clips like this alongside CNN and Fox's gushing tributes. Like Cafferty.

NOT what I'd expect?

I'm sorry, I didn't know you were a fan.

It wasn't what I was expecting, but strangely she ended up with more dignity than I'd expected.

what the hell did she do to her face?
Well now isn't that a hell of a question. She carved it up utilizing a legion of surgeons both expert and inexpert. She baked it in both artificial and natural sunlight until the texture of the skin resembled a wallet. She wrinkled and frazzled it with years of manic-induced stress and drug abuse. And then she died, but I think this was before that.


That's suggesting that her death was instant. By this film Anna Nicole was already a twelfth level lich.

Sill less overacting then Jenna Elfman.
Toward the end it sounds like she's running a chainsaw in there.

Who the fuck paid for this movie to be made? If I was putting up the money for a movie, and this was the result, I'd sue everyone responsible for misappropriation of funds. And then shoot them.
what is this from and how do I avoid watching this EVER AGAIN?

Anna Nicole Smith in Illegal Aliens.

ha, once again my gutter mind ignored what the title was REALLY trying to tell me..thanks

Brought to you by David Giancola, the writer and director of Time Chasers. I don't know whether he intentionally put his director chair in the shot, but five stars alone for the actresses' defeated looks the end.
The whole movie is like this and basically it is completely awesome.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Was this directed by Howard Stern?
Uhh..is that director's chair in the foreground emblazoned with the name of David Giancola. THE DAVID GIANCOLA?? TIME CHASERS DAVID GIANCOLA??

Yes! Pay attention in class Stanley!

j lzrd / swift idiot
This is horrible and terrible, which makes it totally awesome.
Ya know, there are no doubt people out there who wanted to fuck her even more after seeing this.

There is entirely too much plot in this porn film.
1:29 - Anna Nicole Smith actually manages to fart "Dixie". Anna Nicole Smith's ass is the General Lee.
She's ...

... not just whistling "Dixie".

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