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Desc:Ten minutes on how to properly deal with your pus-hole.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:Oh god no, Pus, body horror, abscess
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Comment count is 19
Mmm, tasty pudding.

I was only disappointed by the lack of significant camera time for the pus.
Keep this shit off PoeTV.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Try having it done sometime, you big baby.

Been there, done that, still fucking disgusting.

All sorts of disgusting.

Fucking ew, fucking ew, please keep this shit far away.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
But videos of screw-fly larvae burrowing into some kid's head is OK?

No. Not even a little. Which is why I chose not to open that video, and not to vote on it.

This is fucking disgusting.


Why does pus look so much like a tasty dessert? It's like vanilla pudding, or custard, or melted ice cream....
Crème brûlée.

Gross? Yes. But highly, highly educational. This is the type of thing you'll need to know when the zombies come.
Killer Joe
Neat! I hadn't heard of stuffing a wound before!
It's surprising to see just how deeply you have to stab these things - one would think seeing that would be enough to deter most amateur surgeons. Not optimistic, though.
Simian Pride
See internet, THIS is how you're supposed to do your self-surgery
From what I understand, it takes a very long time to build up this much puss in an abscess. The puss is basically a mix of water and white blood cells and if it leads to infection can eventually turn green over time. However due to the high concentration of white blood cells in large abscesses this rarely occurs.

Usually these sorts of abscesses occur with a lot of neglect or on patients that don't seem to notice that their arm/back/butt has gotten swollen with puss.

Abscesses can also occur as part of acne if I'm not mistaken.

But then again I'm not a doctor - I just read brochures in the waiting room at the free clinic.
Not to be anal, but I think there's only one s in pus.

Mind you, watching a cat turn green over time could be fun!

I think I saw a Buttcess!
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