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Desc:This is a problem, is it not?
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:paris hilton, mom, John McCain, Iceburn
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Comment count is 10
These poor fools seem to have wandered off the Obama-is-uppity-I-mean-presumptuous reservation. I expect they are now being disciplined.
Ouch. To be taken to school in the car of pain by a HILTON is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you, intellectually speaking. Paris Hilton came out of her, McCain, and she's still smarter than you are.
Justin Dohrmann
The Hiltons were McCain contributors. I saw it on the Daily Show so it must be true.
well, they also said it here. television still sort of has news on it.

Wow. One guy stops campaigning like a child for like 15 seconds and the opponents just crumple. This is getting pretty spectacular.
wait, was cathy hilton talking about the McCain ad or her daughter's celebrityism?
It's good to see the Republicans getting called on their usual bullshit campaign strategy. Maybe sanity will prevail for once.

I would find it funny if McCain's fatal mistake was crossing this country's Celebitocracy.
I just hope that he insults Tom Cruise next. That would be a way more interesting clash than the Anonymous/Scientology malarkey.

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