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Desc:...from 'Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask'
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:sheep, Gene Wilder, heartbreaking loneliness
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Comment count is 10
StanleyPain - 2008-08-06
Easily my favorite part of this is when the guy tells Wilder he's sleeping with his sheep. One of the greatest silent moments in cinematic comedy history.
sheikurbouti - 2008-08-06
Hello Daisy. I'm Doctor Ross. Doug Ross.
freedoom - 2008-08-06
Isn't Dr. Doug Ross George Clooney's character from ER?

sheikurbouti - 2008-08-06
Good God, you are correct!


freedoom - 2008-08-06
I often am.

wtf japan - 2008-08-06
Wilder = 5
Syd Midnight - 2008-08-07
Shame about his Salinger-like seclusion, he was a GREAT actor.

glenn - 2008-08-06
Over the course of my life I've tried and failed to explain the greatness of this skit to at least a dozen people.
buttnutt - 2008-08-06
Maybe you should just show it to them

glenn - 2008-08-06
As much as I love it, I don't love it enough to take it to parties.

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