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Desc:Have you ever thought about using your college education to think about your faith?
Category:Religious, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:God, Christian, intelligence, amputees
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Comment count is 23
KnowFuture - 2008-08-08
00:15-00:34 buuuuut you probably aren't any of those things.
KnowFuture - 2008-08-08
And also for the record:

1-3 because he's either (a) a dick or (b) not real
4. because a bunch of superstitious, primitive people wrote it
5. see #s 1-3
6. why do bad things happen to anybody?
7. because they probably didn't happen
8. actually technically there's a pretty good chance that a few particles of what used to be him are floating around you at any given moment
9. dead people aren't really able to let you know what their expectations are of you
10. because people of all religions make stupid choices that they later regret

simon666 - 2008-08-08
i don't dig on the assumptions the narrator makes about he christians. ie: you put it out of your mind because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

such statements are asinine and damage the position the narrator is attempting to take as a reasonable and logical authority.

and for the record i don't believe in magic. unless it's the gathering then i do believe in it. and black magic women i believe in too. also puff the magic dragon as a fictional character.

Cleaner82 - 2008-08-08
I enjoy that he tells all Christians what their response MUST be. Intelligent, articulate Christians do exist, just because you haven't met one doesn't mean they don't. And the creator of this video may be surprised to learn they don't burst into flames at these points.
ProfessorChaos - 2008-08-08
The ending makes as strong an argument for atheism as possible. The only way to make sense out of religion, is to look at it as though it is a lie.

Everything else results in an immediate twist of logic and rationality.
magical man - 2008-08-08
This smug, nasally voice over will surely convert droves of christians away from their lifelong beliefs.
Merkwuerdigeliebe - 2008-08-08
It's hard to fault someone for taking a pompous and condescending tone towards Christianity; hence no stars docked.
facek - 2008-08-08

Science and Reason - 1

My Fucking Christian Mom - 0
almo - 2008-08-08
this guy is kind of a dick
mouser - 2008-08-08
Ya. The videos started out promising but quickly twirled into nonsense with no scientific counter arguments.

So, this will absolutely not touch them christians. It will probably provoke a counter argument la intelligent design.

dead_cat - 2008-08-08
Yeah. I can get where he's coming from and all -- but there has got to be ways of getting his point across without being a total douchebag about it.

Pillager - 2008-08-08
The answer for 1. is simple.

If those amputees had absolute faith, they'd have all their limbs.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-08-08
I'm giving these five stars to Nasal McDouche for being a horrible example.

Didn't we have this conversation already? All he's doing is making it look like there's really some huge debate about knowledge and ignorance, and which one is better.

I throw my hands up in exasperation.
The Great Hippo - 2008-08-08
Most of the points he's raising have been addressed by Christian apologetics. They're bull shit answers, but he never so much as addresses any of them. He needs to go educate himself about the faith before he goes off trying to convert 'smart Christians'.

I'm an atheist and I'm still cringing at this guy's infantile understanding of educated theology. This shit would fly if he was addressing Jerry Falwell--but Saint Augustine would mop the floor in a debate against this twit.

Actually, I kind of want to see that now.

Ersatz - 2008-08-08
The answer to most of his oh-so-tricky questions are that God's benedictions come in Heaven, not on Earth. God doesn't answer prayers through miracles.

For someone who expounds rationality in every other sentence, he shows a remarkable reliance on appeals to emotion and begging the question.
Question 1: Why would a rational person fall into such logical fallacies?

simon666 - 2008-08-08
Erstatz: Given the amputee question, what does anyone need limbs for in Heaven at all? Does Heaven even require Earthly appendages? If it does, it would follow our 'spirits' look and act like our physical bodies. Why does my metaphysical spirit have things to interact with the physical world when it exists in a metaphysical space?

Those types of questions are what cast doubt on the benediction in Heaven answer me thinks.

glendower - 2008-08-08
This guy is a serious turd. You can't read the bible as if it were a piece of modern prose, where all paragraphs are supposed to support each other in a logical sequence. The bible is patchwork of various traditions, seated in their historic contexts, written in a poetic form. Why on earth would they mesh with the prose of modern scientific literature?

Ersatz is right. In the modern era, God is not understood to provide material relief, like a new arm or assistance to a given nation's military, as was the case in the Hebrew bible. Modern, non-redneck, believers take a nuanced approach to the bible that this guy is missing. Poetic imagery in the bible contains layers of meaning that reveal spiritual messages. They also require a transcendence of one's everyday prosaic mind. This guy might benefit by reading Kierkegaard, Tillich's "The Courage to Be," Kung's "Does God Exist?" or Frye's "The Great Code" if he wants to expand beyond schoolboy self righteousness.
IrishWhiskey - 2011-07-18
While I agree he's doing a terrible job, the fact that you agree with many of his points doesn't mean they aren't relevant to other Christians.

He's agrees with you about the Bible being a patchwork of myths and stories without scientific relevance or explaining magic in everyday life. But that's because you reject the cornerstone of faith and basic principles for most Christian believers (or as you call them 'redneck believers').

If someone were to address your beliefs though, I'm sure they'd have a field day with your statements that "poetic imagery" reveals "spiritual messages" but they "require a transcendence of one's everyday prosaic mind". That last line in particular is a gold mine.

Mostly Pi - 2008-08-08
Make a logical argument, fine, but this guy's acting like Christian Zionists and their ilk make up ALL of Christianity.

Shitheads like this are why I find the term "atheist" so unappealing and public appearances like his are why religiosos so often characterize those of us without a doctrine of faith as being arrogant, condescending twonks.
TeenerTot - 2008-08-08
Yeah...he's kind of a douche.
remag2117 - 2008-08-08
For someone who claims to be a critical thinker, this gentlemen sure doesn't do much critical thinking.
DoomsDave - 2008-08-08
His voice reminds me of Don Lapre. "You've created some kind of rationalization... selling tiny classified ads from my one bedroom apartment."
tamago - 2008-08-08
This guy is no Richard Dawkins
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