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Desc:Yeah, they went ahead and did it.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Boingo, forbidden zone, Cult Movie, oingo boingo, Elfman
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Comment count is 9
I have no way to rate this. Five for the movie or 1 for the colorization?

It looks pretty good, but man.. I just don't know.
i'll probably pick this up. but the good thing is you can always turn the color on your tv off if you want to see it as it was originally shot.
It isn't 80's Turner Movie Channel colorization. Color film stock has been cheaper to buy and develop for decades, and many B/W films, like Forbidden Zone, were shot in it.

Black and white was an esthetic choice. And I think it was the correct one.


This movie tried way too hard to be WeIrD and fails. I couldn't watch more than 20 minutes of it.

Also there's a lot of titties in this clip so watch out workers.
Corman's Inferno
Then you missed Danny Elfman as the devil, and that should be a crime punishable by 2-3 years of hard labor.

Hell, any one musical number from this movie is more entertaining than some entire Tim Burton movies I've sat through.

Sorry baleen but you suck for not watching it all. I usually agree with you, but not this time buddy.

Yeah, it was weird the first time around, and the seoncd, and the third, etc, but each time it got progressively deeper burrowing into my heart like a lovely screwfly cluster.

Give it another chance.

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