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Desc:The youtube submission contains an article about her family.
Category:Educational, News & Politics
Tags:fat, morbidly obese, jessica leonard, almost doable
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Comment count is 25
Does she remind anyone else of a female Cartman?
Amazing, I feel so stupid for leaving a comment on the earlier vid.
Babies Ate My Dingo
I'm glad she got the help she needed. Her mother needs a good smack, though. Parenting classes ought to be mandatory-- you have a crotch-dumpling, you get sent to class.
But hey - all parents make mistakes!

All parents make mistakes, yeah my mom lost me in a grocery market once.

She never let me EAT A GROCERY STORE.

but its awesome to see her lose weight! She's actually kinda cute!

Wouldn't a kid that young be able to grow into the extra skin? She would just be spared the usual growth-spurt stretch marks. Or maybe only tall kids get those.

5 stars for a chubblito brought back from the brink.
If the foods are all low calorie was is her mom still so fucking fat?

Glad to see the little girl is doing better though.
Mom didn't go to rehab. The kid did. All mom got was a parenting class.

Kudos for the kid actually going through with it.

Mostly Pi
"Carolyn didn't realize that excessive eating was putting her daughters life dangerously at risk."


She seemed not to suffer from the slightest bit of contrition, which leads me to believe that perhaps she was intending to eat the child when she hit a ripe 410-415. Damn you Child Protective Services! DAMN YOU!

"I feel a lot of guilt" *shit eating grin*

Also, that girl has the body of a 50-year old. eaugh.
j lzrd / swift idiot
You beat me to it. Tons of guilt, heaps, mountains of guilt, I'm sure. And THAT FUCKING GRIN!! For just a second I snapped and wanted to strangle my monitor.

How come she's got flabby skin hanging off her arms and fingers but none off her face?
Dinkin Flicka
Subject of the next X-Files movie (which will make no money)

"Loose skin" left after weight loss has a lot of fat behind it. This is what it looks like w/o that (5th picture. be warned that the article is full of bad advice):

Getting lean enough to fix it is not something a child should pursue. She'll lose fat naturally during puberty, but with mom's constant sabotage it's sadly not a given.

The good thing about the surgery is that the kids at school will be less mean. If she looks ok in a shirt she might be able to escape this ordeal without an ED.

Mom should be fed to the lions.


Praise whichever saint intervened on her behalf and rescued her from her mother, then straightened her up. Somebody out there is a good person.
Where is dad?

on the grill.

5 stars.

"Her mom reminds her of what she once looked like."
Well, good for her losing the weight.
Oh jesus, we've lost one "fat but proud" and gained one "I USED TO BE FAT BUT NOW I'M NOT" person.

Which is more obnoxious?
horrible journalism

we didnt even get to hear if people still called her Fat Jessica or not
Bless ... you know, if that kid can lose 320lbs of useless weight, then I don't see why more adults can't.

That said - 420lbs ? So an average person is, what, 5'9" and 150 lbs right ?
"almost doable"

No, that reporter in the begining is really cute.

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