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Desc:We should have MORE Cath-a-lics here!
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Kevin Smith, Protest, Catholics, dogma
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Comment count is 15
"Down with this sort of thing." "Careful now."
I know how easy it is to hate Kevin Smith, but this is pure awesome.
I still can't figure it out. I like Kevin Smith, I'm entertained by stuff like his speeches and interviews. But I hate his movies. Every last one of them.

See, I'm just the opposite. Every time I see a clip of him speaking I want to belt him in the face, but I've really enjoyed his films.

Except Dogma. I hated Dogma with a passion. Seriously. Maybe it's because Linda Fiorentino's bullshit about not getting an Oscar for that softcore porn she did with Bill Pullman made me hate her and everything she touches with the hate that burns like a thousand suns.

Or it could be that Dogma was just a really shitty film.

Either way, protesting your own movie kicks all kinds of ass.

I guess most protestors really don't have a clue about their target
I saw a video on YouTube where Kevin Smith gives a ten minute talk about this whole event and shows some of that clip. If someone ambitious wants to go search for it, if my memory serves me adequately, it'd be worthwhile.
He tells the story on one of the "Evening With Kevin Smith" DVD's.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UDoIBgiUAQ

AND he comes from New Jersey!!!!!!
So he just walked up and they gave him a sign to wear and he managed to go through an interview without even cracking a smile? Impressive.
Cap'n Profan!ty
I cannot believe that one woman is holding a sign saying


without even a hint of understanding why that is fucking hilarious

pretty sure KS was holding a sign that said "DOGMA IS DOGSHIT". "I've been told NOT GOOD, so....."
too bad the movie wasnt very good
It had its moments, but yeah, it was kind of meh.

Can I protest it for just sucking?

Aubrey McFate
Don't you always?

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