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Desc:Official Discover Card commerical
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:materialism, cred card, the most toys
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Comment count is 20
wtf japan - 2008-08-09
Rev up the LHC, boys! I'm ready to go!
heyitslozeau - 2008-08-09
its ok to be mindless consumers?! thanks discover card.
waxeater - 2008-08-09
You're doing it wrong.

Helena Handbasket - 2008-08-09
You gotta a problem with mindless consumerism?
Why, if it weren't for that I wouldn't have a job. Why do you want to take away my job?

positively - 2008-08-09
This ad makes me want to sell half of my possessions
dueserpenti - 2008-08-09
"I'm nothing more than the last link in the chain of industrialized capitalism. And there's nothing wrong with that."
simon666 - 2008-08-09
there seem to be two camps here. the five star camp that appreciates absurdity of this type of commercial existing, and the camp that refuses to see the commercial in the abstract where appreciation is possible.

i alas am in the second camp. i can't control the ragei feel when hearing the narration.

[email protected]
RandomFerret - 2008-08-09
Actually, you've got it wrong. The two camps are those who recognize what the 'E' in 'POETV' stands for, and those who don't. You are definitely still in the latter camp.
simon666 - 2008-08-09
recognizing something and having opinions about it are not incompatible.

IrishWhiskey - 2008-08-09
For greater EVIL this commercial should be run back to back with the one that starts "We are a nation of savers. We save everything". You know, the credit card commercial that promises you can save money by getting back a small percent when you spend like crazy.

Spenders, savers, its all the same in the end. Buy more crap!
Unsung - 2008-08-09
"You just spent 0! Here`s five dollars!"

HarrietTubmanPI - 2008-08-09
That's 1%, not 5%.

glasseye - 2008-08-09

Deconvolution - 2008-08-09
Needs 'why the terrorists hate us' tag.
voodoo_pork - 2008-08-09
This commercial exists in an irony-free zone. I'm not actually enraged by the type of overt advertising. It's actually saying what it's selling: Addiction to shopping. Mindless consumerism. Gadget obsession.

It's the natural perfected pinnacle of the credit card mentality. The real key to financial stability and independence is what I call a "plastictomy." Pay off those motherfucking credit cards as soon as humanly possible and throw them shits in the trash, never to be seen again.
Crucifried - 2008-08-09
We are the nation of Leviathan. And woe to anyone foolish enough to fight. When we open our maw, everything will be consumed. There is no end. No too much to our vast hunger, our never ending meal.

Now there is a credit card, that we may hold in one hand, while in the other we hold the world.
Brautwurst_Barbarian - 2008-08-10
Holy shit. I thought I this was a fever dream of mine. I simply couldn't believe that an advertisement could come out and just say "YOU ARE SELFISH CONSUMING PIGS" unabashedly.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-08-10
And that's...okay.

I want Stuart Smalley in one of these commercials, stat.

theSnake - 2008-08-10
Thars nothin wrong with watching DVDs of SHREK in your SUV while its not running because the children that made your kids designer sneakers would be worse off if they weren't cross stitching Michael Jordan's silhouette into Naugahyde! USA USA USA USA
Hooper_X - 2008-08-10
Are you fucking shitting me.
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