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Desc:The trailer for a horrible looking CG film about that fat orange cat
Category:Trailers, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Crap, garfield, horrible, odie
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Comment count is 32
man, i dont think this movie could even be good if someone removed garfield from every scene.
erection reset by queer
Do you even understand what this site is?

apparently he has a deeper understanding of PoE.

The day has finally come. Jim Davis has sold out.
Doctor Frederick Odd
I was really impressed by how Garfield acknowledges his repetitiveness.

That Davis himself will punish the Garfield with no Garfield tells me that he has realized there's no more profit to be gained with his usual methods and it is time to sell the ship before it sinks with him on board.

I expect him to sell "Ironic Garfield memorabilia" in HotTopic very soon.

Punishing the Garfield with no Garfield seems difficult.

Doctor Frederick Odd
That was a typo. I meant to say PUBLISH.
I remember reading a news article about how Davis was planning to publish a book of the Garfield with no Garfield strips along with the originals (As a way to resell the same strips all over again), but I can't find that article anymore.

I may have been tricked.

I think Davis knows full well that he produces pure tripe. He's just too busy lining birdcages with thousand dollar bills to care. A purer, more blissfully self-aware sellout you'll never find. If making references to his own work as garbage is what keeps the gravy train running, so be it.

Daddy Warcrimes
5 for how terrible it is.

This is like a feature-length version of any given Academy of Art CG graduate's demo reel. I think this whole thing was rendered in Blender.

A cartoon cat who is tired of being in a cartoon ends up breaking the fourth wall and the fourth wall turns out to be a cartoon also.

It's like a bad episode of the twilight zone.
Except Garfield doesn't have a friend that's a physicist....with a piece of chalk.

The only way this could be worse is if it ended up having some kind of Christian allegory.
Mike Tyson?!
This is like one of those Brazilian knock-off cartoons!
A CGI movie so awful Space Chimps looks like the Seventh Seal in comparison.
I'm 5'ing Jim Davis's ability to still somehow be able to milk money out of a terrible, unfunny concept that continues to fail to make money for producers.
From the director of the live action Spawn movie and Frank Welker doing 90% of the voices. imdb also lists a really odd list of countries it was released in. apparently its release in the US was 'limited' http://us.imdb.com/title/tt1059793/releaseinfo
This plays on cartoon network fairly frequently right now. I caught it around 7PM last Sunday. It really is as awful as it looks.
OH man I have got to schedule that on my TiVo.

UPDATE: I am watching it right now. Holy crap this is fucking TERRIBLE. I'm not sure how much of this I'll stand to watch.

The character, shading, and lighting designs are inconsistent, the voice acting sounds like it was outsourced to Mexico, the animation is pure unadulterated shit, and for some reason Jon is actually successful at doing things well. What the hell?

Yeah this is basically about as good as a bad student project. doctorlegua would be proud of this.

Spit Spingola
This new Garfield voice is godawful (as is everything about this). Miss Lorenzo Music :( :(
Actually I would say this is a marked improvement over the live action ones.
What. The. Hell.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Move over, Titanic animated movie I had never heard of before either! There's something even crappier than you now.
"Ive decided to grow a mustache" // Jon Arbuckle
What the fuck is that at 1:02?
This looks like it could actually be more awful than the live-action films. Quite a feat.
Pure horror.

Coming soon to a 2 AM Tuesday morning time slot on a local CW affiliate near you.
Davis' characters simply were not designed for CG. They look repulsive instead of just ridiculous.

No one can ever be Lorzeno Music again and no one should ever try.
Caminante Nocturno
They're still making movies like this, huh?
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