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Desc:A children's show starring puppets scientifically proven to confuse and terrify children.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:puppets, nanalan, magical sniffy thing, baleen: mom rapist
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Comment count is 17
Doctor Frederick Odd
From the Chernobyl branch of Jim Henson's studios.

A talking colon, an udder, a piece of shit and a chupacabra are lost in the forest, then a dick lady says something, then a felt tipped Thing crawls around and brings them breakfast.

That's what happens.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
"A talking colon, an udder, a piece of shit and a chupacabra are lost in the forest"

I know a lot of jokes that start with this

Okay now this shit rocks. I know I've been hating on a lot of vids lately (well deserved hate) But this rocks.

Did you hear about the time when I raped your mom.
She was crying tears of butter.
"Why couldn't you have been my Markie's father? Do not rape me again, please." But I did. I raped your mother thrice more times.
Her vagina became the sails of my cock craft. A tempest was brewing. I hammered that cena mark mom snatch like a wood spoon on wheatabix.
"Please don't rape me again... please... oh oh... yes... yes... do it to me like I got it done behind a dumpster when I conceived my son."
Then I stuck it in her pooper.
That's when you came out of your tenement house in your mom's butthole and said, "baleen, whatchoo doin in my house. This my house. Evolution is a theory." I kept thrusting, thrusting, thrusting and my penis went into your mouth. "Hay bameem get you cog out of my mawf."

I just kept thrusting until my warm jizz splashed all over your dumb face.
Then you ate it.

the end

Baleen your comments are highly inappropriate and off topic. I think you may be a troll. Please learn better netiquette. You can start here. http://www.albion.com/netiquette/


All the netiquette I've ever needed I got at www.fuck-cenas-mom-in-the-ass-4lyfe.com...
There your mother goes through painsteaking detail (I spelled it that way on purpose because of the amount of pain I cause her when I painsteak her from behind) as she discusses all the ways she went wrong as she raised you from dumpster baby to house negro and beyond.

I still have a faery bag filled with the dry blood of your mom's tits.

Baleen, if she eventually enjoyed it it's not rape.

That means you need to do it harder.


If I did it harder my penis would ram right through to the other site and gas prices would go down in ten years if you know what I mean.

I mean that I would DRILL FER OIL.

Actually Baleen I fucked your mother. And it hurt her very much, and I laughed.


I have been thwarted!

Cap'n Profan!ty

four stars for the video, +1 star for baleen

fuck that, all my stars are for baleen.

(i also happen to like the video though)
5* for the video, 5* for Baleen (average score: 5)
Why does this video remind me of Blair Witch?
I've never been prouder to be a Canadian...
Rodents of Unusual Size
The voices are oddly familiar. It's like Nightmare Before Christmas: the post apocalyptic version.
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