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Desc:Boobs. No sound.
Category:Fashion, Science & Technology
Tags:boobs, breasts, phone, cleavage, zatojones
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Comment count is 29
The least fucked-up explanation is that she's a pedophile out on a date.
That kid's gonna have all the right issues.
well then
wtf japan
Little fucker...
a flaming monkey
Rodents of Unusual Size
Hey, the Make A Wish Foundation came through for him in spades!
Dude, your mom is hot.
"Boobs, no sound" was by far the most successful film of the silent era.
Doctor Frederick Odd
I don't get it. Was this video posted so we could watch the crowd?

Is this social commentary?

If that's why this was posted, this video is very related:
I guess it's to provoke thoughts about Attention Whores;

Who are they? Why are they here? Why haven't they developed a personality instead of highlighting their physical appearance?

a flaming monkey
You have to admit, it is an interesting place to store your phone. I mean, you've got to take your eyes off your handbag while you're dancing and all, and you don't want your phone stolen while you're dancing. So... 3000 points I think.


That boy is going to grow up with a healthy dose of misogyny. He's probably going to either run a strip club or kill somebody, or both.
Tell me about it: at age ten this guy showed me a playing card with this topless girl... now I run a crack bunker for nazi satanics. All we eat is dead babies.

I hope I can make use of "crack bunker" in a serious context some day.

Say hello to Der Zoowärter

How do you say "you gonna shit on the wall" in German

Aren't crack bunkers a vital part in the war on drugs? ... I mean, on the drug side.

wtf japan
Du wirst an die Wand scheissen. Now you hold that in your heart.

Dinkin Flicka
In regards to crack bunkers, if you enlist for Afghanistan, I seriously think somebody there will hook you up.

This is a five star POETV comment thread. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.

I will buy whatever she is selling.
her boob job came with a free KRazr
Jeff Fries
More like StarTAC.

wow this is that old? her whole body must be like sagging around those globes now

I call fake on that one. And the other one.
Menudo con queso
The Make-A-Wish Foundation doesn't mess around.
came straight to mind, nofx - new boobs:

Something is lacking, I'm not attracting
My boobs are not as big as I want them to be
I want 36D

I'm not receiving enough affection
Gonna get me a silicon injection
And fulfill my dreams, bust outta my seams

My social life is pathetic, I can't find a man
When I need is cosmetic surgery
Be the best I can be

Proteins, and milkshakes, mass vitamin consumption
Who needs to diet when liposuction
is painless and quick, local anesthetic

Now my body is a model of flawless perfection
I most certainly will cause an erection
Wherever I go, but I still don't know

The reason why I can't find a mate
Guys I meet ejaculate
Then leave through the door,
I can't take anymore

New boobs- jugs, new boobs- jugs....
I just remembered, I have to go buy some milk.
Poor Excuse
She's a marsupial.
Was she going to make a phone call or something?
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