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Desc:But officer he had a card! From the internet!
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:stupid, weed, gambling
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Comment count is 22
Go go war on drugs! Keep this "dangerous criminal" out of our peaceful loving casinos.
Way to totally fag up the comments of a video that's more about what a dunce this guy is than anything.

Yeah man conform or die! Submit to the system! This is obviously what's important about this video!

What a waste of good pot.
The Townleybomb
Yeah, I think that's about a typical IQ level for guys who play 3-card poker....
I would go into casinos a lot more (read: ever) if people were betting pot.

+1 for the theme music to "the force"
j lzrd / swift idiot
Imagine my face was a handball and my palm was ... my palm.
I'll show them I'm a baller. I'll bet some weed like I saw on that movie one time. Then someone will bet a diamond, then someone else will bet the title to his Ferrari, then someone will bet his house, and then someone will call some women over and tell them to "entertain" me. This is going to be AWESOME!
No, no, that's too much weed. Maybe just this handful.

"Look at how long it takes the security guard to pick up the sticky sweet kind bud, brah. That's some major ganj, bro."
It's kine bud, you square.

Anybody who says "kine" or "kind" I can never take seriously.

The correct term is crondizzlacious danknuggitude.

I usually use the term, "Gnarly dank nug."

Maybe paying strippers with pot would work out better.
A large amount of MARIJUAN-UH.
how do they think he got on the bus to get to the casino? jeez, dumb cops
Why? The fact that he smokes pot could have something to do with it.
In the not too distant future our court system will be flooded with "But the internet said it was okay" defenses.
Fresno! Hometown pride! Yes, we make the best stupid potheads!

I knew that logo looked familiar.
Steve Airport
NO WAIT I only want to bet half of that, hold on a minute
Billy the Poet
I'm a goddam waste, but I think that I could get througth that, "Then why are you in cuffs" question.
Three Gee
Can't believe i'm the first to mention this but... Fresno?

There are casinos in fucking Fresno?
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